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Want to make cheap calls using your broadband connection? Then voice over Internet Protocols (VoIP) may be the option for you.

Save up to 50 per cent on your phone bill and keep in touch with friends at home and abroad.

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Broadband & VoIP explained

VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) technology allows you to make cheap calls over your broadband connection. It works by compressing voice/speech data and transferring it over internet protocols. Pronounced "voyp", the beauty of VoIP packages is that they allow you to make and receive calls at much lower rates than from landlines or mobiles.

What to look for in your VoIP broadband package

  • What calls are included in the cost?
  • Installation and set-up costs (if any)
  • Equipment costs (if any)
  • Do any of your friends have VoIP? If so, it's worth noting who their provider is and going with them, as many providers offer free VoIP to VoIP calls.
  • How fast is your connection? The faster your broadband, the better quality your VoIP experience.

What you need for VoIP to work effectively

  • Fast broadband connection
  • A VoIP account. Skype is by some distance the most popular

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