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Sky Hub Black
Marks and Spencer £25 voucher

Broadband & Calls for Sky TV Customers

Add totally unlimited broadband & weekend calls to your Sky TV service. Latest Sky Hub wireless router. Free unlimited Sky WiFi.


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up to* 17Mb
unlimited 12 months £3.75 price details Buy now 0844 241 0873
Sky Hub Black
Marks and Spencer £25 voucher

Sky Fibre Unlimited for Sky TV Customers

Unlimited browsing and downloading with no monthly usage caps. Free wireless Sky Hub.

ONLY £7.50 for 6 months fibre broadband FREE installation plus FREE router and a FREE £25 M&S VOUCHER online!

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up to* 38Mb
unlimited 18 months £7.50 price details Buy now 0844 241 0873
Sky Entertainment Extra +
Roundel Blue Existing Customer Deal

Entertainment Extra+ for Sky TV Customers

Enjoy 45 channels in stunning high definition and a huge selection of box sets on demand.

FREE SKY+HD box with FREE set up plus get up to 45 HD channels in vibrant colour + TV box sets on demand!

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- 12 months £5.00 Buy now 0844 241 0873
Sky Movies Upgrade
Roundel Blue Existing Customer Deal

Sky Movies for Sky TV Customers

12 dedicated movie channels including, Sky Premiere and Sky Comedy. Enjoy new blockbusters on your TV every week.

1 MONTH FREE for existing Sky customers Get 12 dedicated movie channels plus you can watch anywhere with Sky Go!

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- 1 month £16.00 price details Buy now 0844 241 0873
Sky Multiroom
Roundel Blue Existing Customer Deal

Sky Multiroom for Sky TV Customers

Enjoy Sky in every room with Sky Multiroom. Add Sky TV to another room and whole family can enjoy what they want, when they want.

FREE Sky Multiroom box when you join Sky Multiroom! Includes Sky Go Extra (worth £5 a month) & free set up

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- 1 month £11.25 Buy now 0844 241 0873
Sky Go Hardware
Roundel Blue Existing Customer Deal

Sky Go Extra for Sky TV Customers

Download your chosen shows on up to 4 devices letting you watch your favourite programs wherever you are.

NEW: Deal for existing Sky TV customers. FREE TRIAL FOR 2 MONTHS. Watch Sky on the go with no need for WiFi or 3G.

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- 1 month £5.00 price details Buy now 0844 241 0873
Sports Upgrade
Roundel Blue Existing Customer Deal

Sky Sports for Sky TV Customers

Enjoy the best live sport on Sky Sports 1,2,3,4, Sports News and Sky Sports F1. Watch anywhere with Sky Go at no extra cost.

Upgrade to the Sky Sports Pack for existing Sky customers for 6 dedicated sports channels!

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- 1 month £22.00 Buy now 0844 241 0873
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*The "up to" speed displayed in Mb is the maximum possible speed you are likely to receive for this product. The actual speed you will get depends on your cabling, your area and (with non-fibre optic products) time of day and how far you are from the telephone exchange. Most providers will tell you the likely speed you will receive when you begin your online sign up - this may differ from the speed displayed in the table.

Sky Existing Customers explained

One of consumers’ main complaints about their broadband provider is that too often the best deals are reserved for new customers, while existing subscribers' custom is taken for granted.

Sky's existing customers, however, benefit from a host of offers aimed specifically at them, especially if they add extra services to their bundle. These span everything from hardware upgrades, such as Sky+ HD boxes, as well as cut-price offers on Sky Talk packages and additional TV channels.

What kind of Sky upgrade deals for existing customers are there?

Sky’s offers for existing customers change from month to month. However, some of the Sky upgrade deals available recently have included:

  • 3 months half price when TV customers add Sky Movies to their bundles

  • Half-price broadband and calls for Sky TV customers

  • A free Sky+ HD box when TV customers upgrade to Sky HD

Why it makes sense to consider Sky upgrades and offers for existing customers

It is a truth universally acknowledged that taking multiple services from a single provider results in lower monthly bills. This is as true for TV, broadband, home phone and mobile as it is for, say, gas, water and electricity.

Taking advantage of Sky upgrade deals also means you’ll have a single bill to pay every month, making it easier to stay on top of your monthly outgoings.

Okay, so that’s Sky upgrades. Why else stick with Sky other than its upgrade deals?

As well as Sky deals for existing customers, Sky also works hard to keep its customers in other ways.

Among these are the option to get two-for-one tickets at 28 attractions around the country on Sundays. Sky also offers free cinema tickets, for films that have yet to go on general release and the option to join the studio audience at the recording of some of its most popular shows. Sky subscribers also get the chance to drink at the Sky Bar at the O2 dome.

Sky’s TV service, which was recognised as the UK’s best at the uSwitch awards 2012, is also among the UK’s best-rated. What’s more, although some carriers offer the chance to add Sky channels to their offering, Sky still retains some of the best as exclusives.

For instance, Sky Atlantic, which picks up perhaps the very best drama and comedy from the US, is not available with any of the TV providers that feature other Sky channels.

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