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Catherine Hiley headshot

Catherine Hiley

Mobiles and telecoms expert

About the Author

Catherine is a mobiles and telecoms expert contributor for Uswitch, writing about broadband and mobiles, TV, tech and gaming. She's been writing about tech for several years and making regular media appearances related to the topic.

Working in a fast-paced, ever-changing industry, Catherine is an expert in a huge range of topics, from the cheapest way to watch the TV you want to how to use your phone while roaming without getting stung with an unexpected bill. She also offers advice on how to get the right deal on your broadband or mobile phone and is full of money-saving tips to help consumers get good value for money.


Money-saving tips

Mobile phone releases

Broadband deals

TV streaming services

Getting the most out of your gadgets


  • MA in English - University of Southampton

Featured in News

Catherine has recently been featured and quoted in several high profile publications, including:

Articles written by Catherine

02 April 2024

How to keep your child safe on their smartphone

Keeping kids safe from the harmful side of the internet is a big task. Doubly so in a world where smartphones offer unmonitored access to everything from graphic adult content to gambling sites.

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vodafone broadband review hero image
01 April 2024

Vodafone broadband review - Uswitch

Read our in-depth review of Vodafone's broadband service. Find our verdict of its internet speed, value for money, customer service, reliability and more.

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Surprised man checking mobile phone news standing in a park
01 April 2024

What to do when your mobile contract’s price rises

Network raised the price of your phone or SIM only contract? Here's a guide to your consumer rights and what you can do to cut your costs.

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Mobile network coverage guide - woman on mobile phone
05 February 2024

Best mobile network coverage in the UK

Which network offers the best mobile coverage 2023? We take a look at the major mobile phone networks and the sort of coverage & connection speeds to expect.

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20 November 2023

Guide to mobile phone radiation

Want to know why mobile phones emit radiation and whether you need to worry? Our guide will tell you all you need to know and how to reduce any risk.

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Mobile data allowance guide - woman at home using her mobile phone shopping onlie
06 November 2023

How much mobile data do you need? Data allowance, explained

All you need to know about data allowances on your phone. We help you work out how much data you'll need and how to get the most out of your monthly allowance.

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man using cell phone hand holding mobile texting
11 July 2023

What is a mobile network? And which network's best?

Find out everything you need to know about UK mobile phone networks in our networks guide. We take a network-by-network look at what's on offer.

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19 June 2023

What are smartphones?

Our guide delves into the the features of a smartphone and explains how to use them. Learn about smartphone technology.

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Most reliable mobile phones banner image
20 February 2023

Most Reliable Mobiles

We’ve analysed the most popular mobile phones, across Apple, Samsung and Google to reveal the most reliable overall.

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14 February 2023

Keeping safe while using your smartphone

From changing your settings to downloading some important apps, there are lots of simple things you can do with your smartphone to help improve your safety.

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09 February 2023

iD Mobile international roaming FAQ

From 15 June, iD Mobile customers will be able to roam like at home from anywhere in the EU.

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man in silhouette looking at a wall of mobile phones
12 January 2023

4G mobile phones | 3G vs 4G speed, what's the difference?

Does your phone still use 3G signal? What's the difference between 3G vs 4G speeds? Here's what you need to know.

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