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Catherine Hiley headshot

Catherine Hiley

Senior Content Editor - Telecoms

About the Author

Catherine is a senior content editor at Uswitch, looking after all telecoms content, from broadband and mobiles, to TV, tech and gaming. She's been writing about tech for over five years and makes regular media appearances as a spokesperson for the business.

Working in a fast-paced, ever-changing industry, Catherine is an expert in a huge range of topics, from the cheapest way to watch the TV you want to how to use your phone while roaming without getting stung with an unexpected bill. She also offers advice on how to get the right deal on your broadband or mobile phone and is full of money-saving tips to help consumers get good value for money.


Money-saving tips

Mobile phone releases

Broadband deals

TV streaming services

Getting the most out of your gadgets


  • MA in English - University of Southampton

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Catherine has recently been featured and quoted in several high profile publications including:

Articles written by Catherine

Fake designer bags
10 November 2022

Fake designer products 2022 & how to avoid them

Discover the most in-demand fake designer fashion, tech and beauty brands and learn how to avoid them this Black Friday and Christmas

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women's football fans
12 October 2022

How to watch women's football on TV

Don’t miss a minute of the action with our guide on how to watch all the best of women's football on TV.

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Feature image with the title 'UK mobile phone statistics, 2022' and a man sitting in a beanbag whilst using his phone.
30 September 2022

UK mobile phone statistics 2022

We’ve collated the latest UK mobile phone statistics and trends for 2022, covering mobile phone ownership statistics, sales, usage, connectivity, and more.

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Picture of TV and computer screens stacked in a pyramid formation
13 September 2022

How much of your time is Screen Time?

Uswitch reveals what percentage of our lives we spend looking at screens and the effects it has on our wellbeing.

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Graphic of world map with each countries most popular football teams
29 June 2022

Every Country’s Favourite Foreign Football Team

As so many of us watch live football from around the world, discover which foreign teams are the world’s most searched on this global football map from Uswitch.

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10 March 2022

Global Broadband Index

Where in the world has the best broadband? We reveal the countries with the fastest and cheapest broadband.

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04 March 2022

What to stream on International Women’s Day

Add these feminist films and shows to your watchlist immediately and celebrate International Women's Day 2022.

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tv with rom com text
23 February 2022

The best rom coms index

Find out which movies are the best rom coms according to Uswitch analysis and IMDb reviews.

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graphic of two phones - RE dating
14 February 2022

Tips for creating the best dating app profile

When it comes to online dating it’s easy to get lost in the crowd. The popularity of apps like Tinder, Hinge and Bumble boomed after national lockdowns made it more difficult than ever to meet new people without cheap broadband, and you might be wondering what it takes to stand out.

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disney plus main menu
14 February 2022

What's on Disney Plus?

With over 80 years of movies and TV shows to choose from, Disney Plus has one of the biggest back catalogues of content available, including Marvel, Pixar and Star Wars content.

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04 November 2021

Most boring TV shows & movies

Find out which TV shows and movies are the most boring according to IMDb reviews.

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House of Broadband Horrors
18 October 2021

Broadband horrors: Common internet issues re-imagined

Taking the world’s most common broadband issues, we have re-imagined what they would look like if they were retro horror movies.

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06 October 2021

Revealed: The cost of making TikTok’s most loved Starbucks iced coffees at home

Looking at 20 different Starbucks recipes on TikTok, we reveal just how much you could save by making the drinks yourself.

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22 September 2021

The Best Boozy Co-Working Spaces in the UK

Looking at 12 UK cities, we reveal some of the best boozy venues that are perfect for remote-working

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The European adventure destination index header
06 September 2021

The European adventure destination index

We reveal the country with the most locations to book an adventure in Europe, and where to try them out in the UK

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Pink pair of trainers.
06 August 2021

The most resold trainers in the world

With trainers becoming more of a collectible than a fashion accessory, Uswitch sought to uncover which popular trainer models are the most resold online and which are most profitable.

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Picture of a Hollywood film set
14 July 2021

Hollywood’s most successful movie production companies of all time revealed

We analysed 700 films from the 20 most profitable movie production companies to reveal which produces the best films.

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Header image for the future of smart home markets.
13 July 2021

The future of the smart home market

We analyse the future of the smart home market by reviewing the top smart home startups from Crunchbase and the number of smart home patent applications.

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25 May 2021

The Soundtrack To Our Homes Revealed

We reveal the most listened to songs and artists for all sorts of home-based activities, from cooking classics to toilet tunes.

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Trendy trips: Weather data pinpoints the best months to book 2021’s trending holiday destinations.
24 May 2021

UK Sunny Staycations: The best weeks in the year to book your holiday

Weather data pinpoints the best months to book 2021’s trending holiday destinations.

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image of the BT youview plus box with a purple background
24 May 2021

BT YouView+ box review | Uswitch

YouView boxes come with all BT TV packages. Read our BT YouView+ box review to find out how to make the most of your new set-top box.

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12 May 2021

The world's most popular karaoke songs, mapped

Taking 15 of Spotify’s most popular karaoke playlists, we have revealed the most popular karaoke songs, mapped.

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08 April 2021

The world’s best connected landmarks

Uswitch reveals the world’s best connected landmarks around the world.

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