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Mobile broadband coverage in the UK

Learn all about mobile broadband coverage in the UK with our guide.

3G and 4G mobile broadband uses mobile phone signals to provide a connection to the internet. As with mobile phone coverage in the UK, the speeds and quality of mobile broadband that you're likely to enjoy will depend on your location.

Use the uSwitch broadband postcode checker to find out which packages are available to you.

Factors that affect mobile phone coverage in the UK

Mobile broadband coverage can be hit-or-miss in certain areas so, as a rule of thumb, it's worth considering the quality of the mobile phone coverage in the area where you will predominantly be using it. These are all things that can affect your mobile broadband coverage:

  • The mobile broadband provider you are with
  • Distance from mobile network mast
  • Height of buildings between you and the mast
  • Thickness of walls in your house

The key UK mobile broadband operators are:

Click on the above pages to check the coverage in your area by postcode, or compare our best mobile broadband packages here.

mobile broadband coverage


4G is the standard for mobile broadband, and it offers much faster speeds than 3G networks. With speeds up to five times the average UK 3G connection, 4G mobile broadband is a much more viable alternative to ASDL home broadband.

Depending on the type of USB modem, dongle or MiFi you are using, your speed can vary. This applies whether it's a 3G or 4G connection you're connected to. It's worth considering the device you'll be using to connect to the internet when choosing your package.

People using a MiFi may also find that their connection speed is slower when the signal is being shared between multiple devices.


Although 4G coverage has improved in recent years, it still isn't available everywhere just yet, so even if you sign up for a 4G mobile broadband package, you might be connecting to 3G networks more frequently, depending upon your area.

Visit our what is mobile broadband guide page for more explanation.