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Broadband charges

Are you interested in switching provider or setting up a new broadband connection? Many people are dissuaded from switching ISP because they are worried about the costs they may incur. Other customers are unsure of the total cost of a package once the set-up, line rental and data have been taken into account.

This simple guide should help you understand the associated costs of broadband in addition to the regular monthly charges. These vary widely between providers, so it is always worth taking a close look at the terms and conditions of a package before signing up.

Types of broadband

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  • ADSL Broadband - your broadband connection is provided through a BT line.
  • Cable Broadband - your broadband connection is provided with fibre-optics.
  • Mobile Broadband - your internet connection is via a USB dongle or a MiFi.

ADSL Broadband charges:

  • Landline charges - there must be an active telephone connection at the home or business looking to get ADSL broadband, as all packages are accessed via existing telephone cables. If there is no active landline at the residence or business, you will be liable to pay a set-up charge of £122.50 and a monthly line rental of around £12-£14 thereafter. This won't include calls, data or anything else - it is just to have the phone line.

  • Wireless routers - it isn't your connection that is wireless, it's the equipment. Any home or office connection can be wireless with a wireless router. Most ISPs now offer free wireless routers with their broadband packages. However, if bought separately, you can expect to pay anything from £30 to £150.

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Cable Broadband charges:

  • No landline charges! as cable broadband is transmitted over fibre-optic cables and not traditional copper phone wires, there is no explicit need for an active phone line at the premises in which cable broadband is to be installed.

  • Installation charges - Fibre installation charges depend on your provider and the timing of when you sign up. With Virgin Media, for instance, installation typically costs not much shy of £50. However, buy your package at the right time and get the right offer and you can get it free.

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Mobile Broadband charges:

  • One-off purchase cost - providers may impose a one-off charge for the USB device itself. However, they are usually free when you sign up for a 3G monthly contract, and the costs can sometimes be waived if you spend enough elsewhere, for example buying a lot of credit or threatening to shop somewhere else. However, 4G deals that offer a free dongle may be harder to come by.

  • Overseas charges - as with a mobile phone, usage overseas can be expensive and vary from provider to provider. However, an EU ruling over charges has made surfing while travelling on The Continent cheaper and more accessible than ever. As long as you stay away from areas like Kazhakstan, Siberia and the Arctic you'll find yourself paying reasonable prices.

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Broadband charges common to all types:

  • Connection charges - some internet service providers charge a one-off fee to activate your broadband connection. This varies from to ISP to ISP.

  • Excess usage charges - if you exceed the monthly download limits of your package, you may be charged fees for each extra Gigabyte you use. In order to avoid excess charges, many heavy-use customers choose unlimited download broadband packages.

  • Cancellation charges - if you wish to terminate your connection before the end of your contract, you may be liable to pay cancellation fees. These vary depending on which ISP you are contracted to and at what point in your contract you cancel.

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