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TenTel customers moved to TalkTalk

TenTel is in administration, so its customers have been moved to TalkTalk. If you’re a TenTel customer, read on to find out what that means for you.

Broadband ISP TenTel is now in administration, so thousands of customers have been moved to TalkTalk overnight. The company is not taking on new customers and is likely to close by the end of the month.

The Edinburgh-based provider was started in 2013 and specialised in short-term broadband and phone contracts, including a rolling monthly plan. The company failed to ‘secure the funding needed to take it to the next stage of development’, according to a statement from FRP Advisory, the firm consulting on TenTel’s administration.

FRP has started a 30-day consultation period with TenTel, after which the business will close. In the meantime, TalkTalk has acquired all customer contracts and will be responsible for the ongoing supply of broadband and phone services.

“TalkTalk will ensure customers continue to receive their broadband and telecoms services without any disruption,” said FRP Advisory joint administrator Tom MacLennan.

But what does this actually mean for TenTel customers? We’ve compiled a list of questions you might have.

Has my TenTel contract changed?

No, your TenTel contract will continue as normal. If you were on a rolling one-month contract with TenTel, you’ll still be on that same contract with TalkTalk, even though that provider doesn’t offer the same plan.

Basically, TalkTalk will provide your service but nothing else changes. According to TalkTalk’s statement, their biggest priority “is making sure that this has no impact on your existing services”. Everything from your TenTel account transfers with you to TalkTalk.

How can I pay my bill?

If you normally log into MyTenTel to pay your bill every month, you can continue to do so through the normal URL. If you have direct debit on your account, your payment details have been transferred to TalkTalk and the payment will be routed to them automatically.

If you’re currently paying your bill through a credit from TenTel, this also will transfer to TalkTalk.

Will my prices go up?

No. According to TalkTalk, you’ll still be paying the same price as your current contract.

Can I keep my phone number?

Yes, you’re able to keep your current phone number.

Can I switch providers?

You can; however, you’ll have to pay any early termination fees that were outlined in your TenTel contract.