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UK internet service provider (ISP) Plusnet has revamped its range of broadband deals.

From April 12th, the broadband provider will be offering three products - Plusnet Value, Plusnet Extra and Plusnet Pro - with its Premium package coming off the market.

Consumers moving off the Premium tariff will be offered a free contract change option, should they wish to move to Plusnet Value or Pro, rather than the new Extra package.

The price of the broadband deals will vary according to the location of the customer, with those living in an area where BT Wholesale is the only provider of broadband (Market 1) being charged slightly more than those in regions where greater competition exists (Markets 2 and 3).

From launch, Plusnet Value is to be priced at £6.49 for three months in Markets 1 & 2, before reverting to £12.99, while customers in Market 3 stay on the £6.49 tariff.

The 8Mb broadband deal allows access to a 10GB usage allowance between 8am and midnight, with free usage during the rest of the night.

Plusnet Extra, which offers download speeds of up to 20Mb, is charged at £11.49 for three months, then £17.99 afterwards in Markets 1 & 2, with the price remaining at £11.49 in Market 3 (areas where four or more broadband providers are competing).

The daily usage allowance increases to 60GB and, as with all of the Plusnet deals, there is a post-pay rate of £5 per extra 5GB.

Market-based pricing will also apply for Plusnet Pro customers, the broadband provider has announced.

For a starting price of £16.49 for three months, then £22.99 for the remainder of the contract, Plusnet Extra offers 20Mb services in Markets 1 & 2. Market 3 customers remain on the lower price for the duration of their contract.

Consumers seeking a more personalised service from their broadband provider may be interested in what Plusnet – as a smaller ISP – has to offer them individually.

With the firm now reaching 20Mb download speeds via ASDL+ broadband, the revamped packages look particularly attractive to gamers and other high bandwidth users.

And as if to seal the deal, Plusnet has thrown a number of setup cost reductions into the mix.

Free hardware and setup are included where the consumer takes a Plusnet Home Phone service with their broadband bundle.

Customers can also benefit from reduced postage and package fees (down from £6.99 to £5) and a lower charge for House Moves (now £55, from £65).

Subscribers seeking internet services alone face a £25 charge, unless they wish to defer hardware activation, in which case the price rises to £40.

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