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1 No-one does value broadband and home telephony better

TalkTalk is the UK’s value broadband specialist. Just £6.99 per month for the Essentials deal and £11.49 landline rental gets you a broadband and home phone package that’s hard to beat anywhere. And it’s not just any broadband either. TalkTalk now offers a lightning fast connection of up to 24Mb, which is ample for whatever you’ll be doing online. Better still, you also get a generous 40Mb monthly download limit that will banish excess usage charges forever.

Cheap calls are thrown in too for this minimal monthly outlay, with subscribers benefiting from unlimited free calls to UK landlines on evenings and weekends. Free voicemail and privacy options also feature as does the opportunity to nominate 16 mobile and international numbers for 10 per cent off calls.

2 Peace of mind for parents

All TalkTalk customers get Magic Desktop absolutely free. This great bit of software includes fun-sized versions of email and a web browser that provides a safe way for parents to introduce their children to the web, with a full range of parental controls available.

And it’s educational too. Completion of tasks that are designed to exercise your offspring’s grey cells rewards them with points which they can spend on playing fun games online. What’s more, the fact that Magic Desktop is easy to set up makes it ideal for those of us whose computer skills aren’t much more advanced than our children.

3 Raise your game with TalkTalk Pro

modern warfare2 2

TalkTalk’s Pro package is designed with heavy users in mind. And this demographic doesn’t come any heavier than fans of online gaming.

If you opt for Pro, you’ll benefit from no restrictions on gaming traffic for the optimum online games experience, whether you’re a fan of first person shooters or massive multi-player games like World of Warcraft.

4 Free connection if you’re quick

Sign up for either the TalkTalk Essentials or Pro deals right now through Top 10 Broadband and TalkTalk will connect you absolutely free of charge. That’s an instant saving of £29.99. There’s also a free, cutting-edge wireless G router for all Essentials customers and a wider range N router for anyone who signs up for Pro.

5 Mobile broadband incoming

Hands typing on a laptop

TalkTalk doesn’t yet offer mobile broadband as part of its product portfolio. But that won’t be the case for much longer. This week, we learned that summer will see the arrival of the broadband providers first ever dongle deals.

If you’re an existing TalkTalk home broadband customer you’ll be able to add this additional service to your existing broadband service and benefit from the cheaper rates that broadband bundles offer. What’s more, if TalkTalk is able to bring the same value for money approach to on-the-go broadband that it has to the home broadband sector, we could in be for some very eye-catching deals indeed.

6 TalkTalk is on your side in the file-sharing and online privacy debate

TalkTalk event pic2

TalkTalk has consistently railed against the impractical and draconian measures intended to clamp down on file-sharing, arguing that the onus to tackle the problem should lie chiefly with the music industry. What’s more TalkTalk is the only provider to have publicly declared that it will continue to resist the government’s command that it monitors your web usage. In so doing they’ll be risking a substantial fine of up to £250,000.

So if you’re worried about people snooping on your web usage or are opposed to the strictures that the Digital Economy Bill is putting on file sharing, TalkTalk could well be the internet service provider for you.

7 An ‘infallible’ security solution is on the way


Later this year TalkTalk is poised to introduce a security solution that could be little short of revolutionary and make it easier than ever for less technology-savvy web users to stay safe online. This is because it transfers the responsibility for looking after security from the consumer to your broadband supplier. Instead of having to pay out for special subscription software, you’ll simply rely on TalkTalk to keep you protected from all the viruses that can catch out the less wary among us.

According to TalkTalk, the solution is so efficient that it’s effectively ‘infallible’. And that’s not all. It’ll also provide you with better-than-ever parental controls, including a more graded, more multi-faceted filtering system as well as the option to cut access to certain sites to within designated time limits.

It’s not yet clear whether this will be a free service or an optional add-on with an extra charge. But we do know that it’ll be available to all TalkTalk subscribers. And we’re pretty sure that if it’s even a fraction as good we suspect it will be, you can expect a rush to sign up for TalkTalk of the sort that we’ve not seen in this industry since it introduced its innovative free broadband deal back in 2006.

8 It’s simple to tailor your package to your needs

Broadband deals don’t come much easier to comprehend than the great value TalkTalk Essentials and Pro products. But that’s not to say that TalkTalk doesn’t provide all the services you need or allow you to make up a special package that fits with your lifestyle and specific requirements.

It’s for this reason that Boosts were invented. Need a higher download limit? Then simply add the Mega Download Boost to double your Essentials package usage limit to 80GB for an extra £4 per month. Or perhaps it’s handy home telephony functions you require? In which case just add the Calling Features Boost. Also priced just £4 per month, this turns your fusty phone into a modern communications device that can offer everything from three-way calling, reminder calls for special occasions and birthdays and call divert.

9 TalkTalk TV

talktalk tv

TalkTalk’s TV on-demand TV service is one of the best around. Content takes in great movies and sports courtesy of Sky as well as Comedy Central 1 & 2 and FX and great dedicated children’s and music programming. Plus there’s no need for an unsightly dish and no installation headaches to worry about – a TalkTalk engineer will come out and take care of that for you.

10 Great giveaways & support

Dancing On Ice - Free Votes

Everyone loves a freebie. And recently TalkTalk customers have been able to lay their hands on everything from free premium Spotify accounts and complimentary votes for Dancing On Ice. Meanwhile, the We’ll Call You initiative, which was backed by Age UK, saw customers in the over-65 age group offered a free weekly chat with TalkTalk staff to check up on their welfare.

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