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Slow broadband is more annoying to UK households than noisy neighbours and having to queue for the bathroom, a new survey has found.

According to research by TalkTalk, 45 per cent of Britons consider slow broadband one of their biggest home-related gripes.

By contrast, just 35 per cent said they were annoyed by noisy neighbours, while only 11 per cent cited queuing for the bathroom as a major grievance.

The research also showed that a typical UK home now has as many as 14 Wi-Fi-enabled devices connected at any one time.

Furthermore, the survey found that 35 per cent of Britons are online at home for at least four hours a day.

As a result, people's home connections often struggle to deal with the sheer number of tasks that residents wish to carry out online.

Indeed, 34 per cent said they have had problems completing online transactions, while 33 per cent said they have struggled to stream films and TV programmes.

Meanwhile, 13 per cent revealed they have lost out on tickets for an event because they were waiting for a page to load, while 22 per cent find it difficult to work from home because their broadband connection is too slow.

This is leading to Britons losing their cool an average of 138 times a year - a phenomenon that TalkTalk has dubbed "load rage".

The provider said this is now so common that more than one in five people would be prepared to give up luxuries such as alcohol and chocolate in exchange for guaranteed faster internet.

TalkTalk believes the findings suggest that many busy households have "outgrown a standard broadband connection".

Consumers have therefore been encouraged to switch to fibre-based connections, as these offer the speed and the bandwidth to use numerous devices within the home simultaneously.

Laurent Kretzchmar, Head of Product at the firm, commented: "With everything from our mobile devices and game consoles, to our TVs and even the heating thermostat all connecting to one router, the reality is that the connectivity needs of many households across the UK have surpassed traditional broadband.

"Just as many homes used to have to wait to make a call because someone else was using the internet, now we see households taking it in turns to do everything they want to do online."

Kretzchmar added that TalkTalk has seen a surge in demand for fibre connections in recent months, as households consider it important to be able to stream, download and upload at the same time.

"While it won’t solve all our household bugbears, we know how important a speedy internet connection is to daily life," he added.

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