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Virgin Media O2 announces speed and data boost for broadband and mobile customers

Virgin Media O2 announces speed and data boost for broadband and mobile customers

Newly-formed telecoms giant, Virgin Media O2, has just launched a brand-new bundle for people who buy its broadband and mobile deals.

‘Volt’ is the company’s first official product that includes an offer for both Virgin Media broadband and O2 mobile customers. Anyone who subscribes to both services will receive exclusive boosts to their home broadband speed and mobile data allowance.

If you choose Volt, Virgin Media O2 will boost your internet speed by as much as 100%, depending on which broadband service you use. And you’ll also get up to double the amount of mobile data on your O2 mobile contract.

That means if you’re on Virgin’s M100 broadband connection, taking out a 5GB O2 contract as part of Volt will both double your speed to 200Mbps and your mobile data allowance to 10GB. All at no additional cost.

The same offer applies if you’re already an O2 mobile customer and you want to switch your broadband to Virgin Media. It even works if you’re not currently a customer of either and would like to buy both services at once.

Volt customers will also be given a free Virgin Media Wi-Fi pod, which will help ensure a strong wireless broadband connection throughout the home. If placed in the right location, these pods will eliminate any Wi-Fi ‘blackspots’, so you can get a reliable internet connection in every room of the house. Plus, if you need more than one pod to get whole-home Wi-Fi, Virgin Media O2 will supply up to two more for free.

Choosing a Volt bundle will also mean you get access to O2’s prestigious Priority benefits. This includes early ticket access for concerts and events, shopping discounts, exclusive prize draws and freebies.

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Uswitch telecoms expert, Ernest Doku, said: “Virgin Media O2 has had six months to shake up the industry, and deliver a better service to existing customers while enticing new ones to sign up.

“The Volt bundles announced today are the first step in ‘supercharging’ customers by rewarding them for using multiple broadband, TV and mobile offerings from the merged businesses.

“Doubling customers’ mobile data allowances and bumping them up to the next tier of broadband speeds is a great statement of intent, and will give existing users an immediate boost.

“Virgin Media O2 hopes to challenge the BT and EE partnership, which already offers monthly discounts to users who link their account.

“People should generally be mindful of getting their broadband and mobiles deals from a sole supplier, as they may be able to get better mobile coverage or a more stable broadband connection from different providers.

“However, if you are already using Virgin Media O2 for one of your services, switching to both could both save you money and improve your connections.

“Supercharged customers will get up to three Virgin Media Wi-Fi pods free of charge to help eliminate broadband blackspots in their home.

“Hidden in the announcement is a commitment from the O2 network to continue its roaming policy that allows you to use your phone in 75 destinations. This is welcome news to consumers, following a summer of several major networks reintroducing roaming charges.

“O2 has built up a strong reputation for their customer rewards, so it will be interesting to see if this continues to be a key part of the combined brands’ strategy.

“Bringing together O2’s mobile network and Virgin Media’s entertainment offering is a marriage made in heaven, and their customers are currently enjoying a honeymoon period.”

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