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Trendy trips: Weather data pinpoints the best months to book 2021’s trending holiday destinations

Weather data pinpoints the best months to book 2021’s trending holiday destinations.

Trendy trips: Weather data pinpoints the best months to book 2021’s trending holiday destinations.

If you have been itching to get back on holiday after a year of lockdowns, then it’s not too late to get booking those staycations despite the overwhelming demand for a British summer holiday this year.

A new YouGov study has recently revealed that one in five of us (20%) has already booked a UK holiday this summer. But as we all know too well, UK weather is notoriously unpredictable and it can be hard to know if you’ll get a wet weekend in Wales or a scorcher in Scotland.

With this in mind, researchers at Uswitch have analysed 50 years of historical data from the closest weather stations to each of 2021’s top trending UK staycation destinations, to reveal when you should book your holiday to guarantee the best weather*.

Are you planning a UK holiday this year? Taking Airbnb’s 2021 trending staycations, we reveal the best time to book your trip below.

Mapped: 12 trending UK staycations (and when you should book them for the best weather).

1. Carmarthenshire - Visit in May

Overlooking a castle in Carmarthenshire.

Source: Instagram @gloriousbritain / Carreg Cennen Castle

Average weather conditions for Aberporth in May*:

  • 12°C

  • 68mm of rain

If you want to visit Carmarthenshire for a staycation this year, our research recommends that visiting during May will ensure you soak up the most sun as possible. Compared to any other month in the year, May has 68mm of rainfall and an average maximum temperature of 12℃.

Looking for things to do while you stay? If you love to walk, then you could take a trip to Carreg Cennen Castle in the Welsh countryside and bask in its history. We recommend trying some watersports for those who want a bit more adventure, including canoeing and kayaking with Adventure Beyond.

Find out more about things to do in Carmarthenshire here.

2. Gloucestershire - Visit in July

Maze in Gloucestershire.

Source: Instagram @the_photo_adventure / Wye Valley Zoo

Average weather conditions for Ross On Wye in July*: 

  • 22℃ 

  • 45mm of rain

Are you thinking of booking a staycation in Gloucester this year but unsure when to go? To get the best weather while on your holiday, we recommend booking during July. Compared to any other month of the year, July had an average max temperature of 22℃ and just 45mm of rain the entire month.

There are many things to do while you wander the beautiful county, including Wye Valley Butterfly Zoo, which has a maze that is perfect for the kids to enjoy. If you want to learn a bit more about the area, we recommend the Kingfisher River Cruise. Feel the wind whip through your hair as you take in your surroundings and learn about Gloucestershire’s rich history.

Find out more about things to do in Ross on Wye, here.

3. Devon - Visit in July

Ruins in Devon.

Source: Instagram https://www.instagram.com/p/CMO8BlTrcb6/

Average weather conditions for Camborne in July*:

  • 18℃

  • 63mm

Devon is a tourist hotspot in England during summer and has been a family favourite for holidays as restrictions have remained worldwide. For those who are thinking of booking a staycation in the area, we recommend going in July when the temperature will be an average of 18℃ throughout your stay.

Camborne is Devon’s famous mining grounds and has several spots you can visit on your staycation. For anyone who is a fan of the period drama, we recommend checking out the famous Poldark Mine. The mine has been open to the public since 1975 and was recently used to film the underground scenes for the hit TV show.

Find out more about things to do in Camborne, here.

4. East Sussex - Visit in June

Beach in East Sussex.

Source: Instagram @faye_joan_ / Holywell Beach

Average Weather conditions for Eastbourne during June*:

  • 18℃

  • 47mm

Known for its pebble beaches and perfect sunsets, Eastbourne is a popular destination for staycations. And for those looking to make the most of the weather while away, we recommend booking your next stay in June. Compared to any other month in the year, Eastbourne had an average max temperature of 18℃ and just 47mm of rain.

Are you looking to make the most of the sun while you're away? Eastbourne has seven different lidos you can choose from for a great day out with the family. There are also plenty of beaches to visit while staying in the area. We recommend Holywell beach, not only is it a quaint little cove but the beach is also dog-friendly - perfect for those who have brought their pooch along.

Find out more about things to do in Eastbourne, here.

5. Yorkshire - Visit in May

Train in Yorkshire.

Source: Instagram @nathan_steam / Keighly steam train

Average weather conditions for Yorkshire in May*:

  • 15℃

  • 54mm

Do you want to have that staycation before the busy summer holiday period? Then Yorkshire is the perfect place for that early summer getaway in the sun. With an average max temperature of 15℃ and 54mm rain in May, the area has so much to offer that will make your trip feel worth it.

If you are looking for something to keep you active while you are away, then you could hire some bikes and take in the city's sites as you cycle. Keighly, a pretty town with a steam line that has recently been restored, is also worth a visit while staying in the area.

Find out more about things to do in Yorkshire, here

6. North Wales - Visit in May

Castle in North Wales.

Source: Instagram @tu135y / Pirate Ship Whitby

Average Weather Conditions for Anglesey in May*:

  • 14℃

  • 47mm

Anglesey is the Welsh hotspot for family getaways, thanks to its stunning beaches and lush green landscape. But it’s not just the scenery that makes it a great place to stay during the summer months. With an average max temperature of 14℃ throughout May, the fifth month of the year is the perfect time to soak up some rays.

Anglesey is known for its spectacular waves, so you can try some outdoor watersports such as surfing or a rib boat ride. For those that are looking for a hidden gem in Anglesey, Aberlleiniog Castle provides lots of history to explore while staying in the area.

Find out more about things to do in Anglesey, here.

7. North Yorkshire - Visit in May

Boat sailing in Whitby.

Average weather conditions for Whitby during May*:

  • 13℃

  • 41mm

If you are heading to the North Yorkshire coast for your staycation, we recommend booking in May to get the warmest weather possible while you enjoy your holiday in England this year. The area has a max average temperature of 13℃ in May and just 41mm of rainfall.

Home to the legendary vampire story of Dracula, Whitby has plenty of history to soak up including a museum that tells the story of the man the character was originally based on, 15th century Vlad the Impaler.

If you want to see where the Demeter landed, we recommend taking a pirate ship ride around the Whitby coast.

Find out more about things to do in Whitby, here.

8. Lake District - Visit in April

Pool in the Lake District

Source Instagram @stuross69 / Askham Outdoor Swimming Pool

Average Weather Conditions in Newton Rigg during April*:

  • 11 ℃

  • 48mm

The Lake District is home to many beautiful lakes that are a perfect spot for a getaway this summer. If you want to make the most of the weather in the area, we recommend visiting during April.

Even though it’s warmer in May (with an average maximum temperature of 15℃), the research found that April was more likely to be dry, making it the perfect time to spend outdoors.

If you are looking for things to do in the area, we recommend taking a trip to Askham outdoor swimming pool on one of the sunny days of your trip. Not only does the pool boast two heated areas for those days that might be a bit colder, but it will also provide fun for the whole family.

Find out more about things to do in Newton Rigg, here.

9. Loch Lomond - Visit in June

Loch Lomond.

Source: Instagram @amphotography787 / Barshaw Park

Average Weather Conditions for Paisley during June*:

  • 18℃

  • 64mm

Are you thinking of travelling up to Scotland this year for a summer break? We recommend visiting in June to get the warmest weather possible. Compared to any other month, Paisley had 18℃ maximum average temperatures and 64mm of rainfall.

There is fun for the whole family in Paisley including go karting and leisure centres that are perfect to keep the kids entertained during the day. If you want something a bit less wild, step into nature at Barshaw Park.

Find out more about things to do in Loch Lomond, here.

10. Cairngorms - Visit in June

Castle and rainbow in the Cairgorns.

Source: Instagram  @scottishcastles_ / Braemar Castle

Average Weather Conditions for Braemar in June*:

  • 16℃

  • 57mm

Ever considered a holiday to Braemar? We recommend visiting in June to get the best weather for your staycation this year. Compared to any other month of the year, June had the least amount of rain with just 57mm across the month - while the average temperature is 16℃.

If you are looking for things to do while on your break in Braemar, we recommend checking out Braemar Castle. It has a guided tour where you can learn about all the colourful villains and ghosts that used to inhabit the castle. For those who love a movie, Braemar also boasts an iconic drive-in movie theatre where you can enjoy a film from the comfort of your car.

Find out more about things to do in Braemar, here.

11. Isle of Skye - Visit in June

Natural pool on the Isle of Skye.

Source: Instagram @fairypoolsskye / Fairy Pools

Average Weather Conditions for Isle of Skye in June*:

  • 14℃

  • 62mm

The Isle of Skye is a pretty island just off the coast of Scotland and is known for its beautiful landscapes and tiny villages. Though the weather in Scotland can be hard to judge, from looking at weather data, our research recommends visiting the isle in June to get the maximum amount of sunshine.

Are you a lover of wild swimming? The crystal clear waters of the Fairy Pools in the Isle of Skye are the perfect place for those that love a bit of excitement on their holidays. If you are looking for some nature on your travels, then take a boat trip to see if you can spot some sea eagles, known as the largest birds of prey in Britain.

Find out more about things to do in the Isle of Skye, here

12. John O' Groats - Visit in May

Cliffs and castle in John O' Groats.

Source: Instagram @scottishcastles_ / Castle Sinclair

Average Weather Conditions for John O’ Groats in May*: 11℃

  • 47mm

If you are staying in Wick this summer, we recommend visiting during May. Compared to any other month of the year, the area has an average temperature of 11℃ and just 47mm of rain.

Though Wick is beautiful in itself, there are plenty of gorgeous locations to visit when you go on holiday. With a dramatic cliff edge and stunning sunsets behind the ruins, Castle Sinclair needs to be on your list when visiting the area. The castle dates back to the late 1600s and is located not far from Wick.

Find out more about things to do in Wick, here.
Sources and Methodology:

  1. Each year, Airbnb releases its top trending staycation destinations for the UK, which formed our seed list of 12 sunny staycation destinations. These were sourced from Refinery 29 and Snaptrip.

  2. For each of the 12 destinations, we used historical Met Office data from each location's closest weather stations. The data range for the weather data was January 1970 to April 2021. The Met Office collects data on rain, air frost, temperature and sunlight hours and we took an average of these readings across every month, to determine the best chances of good weather.

  3. The twelve trending destinations and their closest weather stations are:

    1. Carmarthenshire: Aberporth weather station

    2. Gloucestershire: Ross on Wye weather station

    3. Devon: Camborne weather station

    4. Sussex: Eastbourne weather station

    5. Yorkshire: Bradford weather station

    6. North Wales: Valley/Anglesey weather station

    7. Whitby: Whitby weather station

    8. Loch Lomond: Paisley weather station

    9. Lake District: Newton Rigg weather station

    10. Cairngorms: Braemar weather station

    11. Isle of Skye: Stornoway weather station

    12. John o’Groats: Wick weather station

  4. All-weather station data is available here: https://www.metoffice.gov.uk/research/climate/maps-and-data/historic-station-data

Data correct as of 11 May 2021