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Samsung Galaxy S8: What we know so far

Samsung Galaxy S7 hero

Samsung’s new Galaxy Note 7 is barely on shop shelves.

But already rumours are swirling about plans for the next-generation Galaxy S8 smartphone.

So, what do we know so far? And when will you be able to lay your hands on it? Read on and we’ll reveal all.

Ultra HD screen

Note 7 rotated hero

The juiciest rumour to emerge about the new Galaxy S8 is undoubtedly what Samsung has planned for its screen.

Word from Chinese sources is that the smartphone will come with an Ultra HD 4K display, the kind that’s found in the latest top end TVs and Sony’s Xperia Z5 Premium.

4K equates to a pin–sharp 3,840 x 2,160 resolution, putting older Samsung phones, not to mention rival handsets from Apple, into the shade.

Virtual Reality star

samsung gear vr headset

Why’s Samsung going all out with the Galaxy S8’s screen? Virtual Reality.

VR is the big story in tech in 2016 and the Korean giant is already in amongst it thanks to its affordable Galaxy VR headsets.

Unlike other VR headsets, it has a special slot for Samsung’s Galaxy phones which makes it easier to use.

However, current smartphones can’t offer anything like the same high resolution found in models by Oculus and Sony.

The Galaxy S8’s Ultra HD display could change all of that, offering a far more immersive experience and give Samsung the edge in a fierce battle for consumers.

Dual lens cameras

iPhone 7 Plus dual camera

A dual lens camera is front and centre on the iPhone 7 Plus. And Samsung will purportedly include a similar system on its Galaxy S8.

One lens could have a wider angle, with the added ability to refocus images after they’ve been taken.

Not an alternative to bendable phones

flexbile smartphone

The Galaxy S8 is not the same as Samsung’s Project Valley. Its two devices being developed under that working name are said to be bendable and foldable, using futuristic screen tech.

Insiders have already said that neither of these new models will feature Galaxy branding, as Samsung looks to differentiate them from existing products.

Out next February

The Galaxy S8 won’t be out until well into 2017. Sources say that the device will make an appearance at February’s Mobile World Congress, alongside Project Valley’s smartphones.

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