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  5. Samsung Jet gets speed boost with firmware update

Samsung Jet gets speed boost with firmware update

Despite being advertised as the perfect phone for impatient people, the Samsung Jet S8000 was criticised for its occasionally sluggish interface. However, thanks to a brand new firmware update now available, things are about to become a lot quicker for Jet owners.

If you already have a Jet you will notice immediate improvements when you upgrade, as the whole user experience has been overhauled to make every button press and finger swipe feel slicker, with reduced loading times across the board.

Samsung's proprietary TouchWiz interface is also subject to improvements, with a new 3D visual style and higher levels of user customisation available for the menus.

samsung jet large

The new firmware also updates the Dolphin web browser, which according to reports will enable faster loading of web pages.

The one issue which the new firmware exacerbates rather than resolves is the loading time for image files, which now take a second or two longer. This is not a universal problem as audio and video files load smoothly, but this fact makes the images issue even more puzzling.

Whilst the Samsung PC software suite includes an update facility, the only way for Jet owners to upgrade the firmware at the moment is to register on the official Samsung website.

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