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Samsung to support Symbian

Samsung to support Symbian

After news of the Samsung bada open-source mobile operating system came to light, a high level executive at the firm was allegedly quoted as saying that Samsung would be dropping the Symbian platform from its handsets in 2010.

A Samsung spokesperson has since claimed that Samsung will continue to support the Symbian foundation despite the inevitable importance of bada when it is released next year.

According to recent reports, Samsung is looking to promote cross-platform, multiple operating system technology that will allow it to cater to the diversity of its customers.

Though the recent retractions are superficially supportive of Symbian, some commentators have claimed the wording belies the true message.

Although Samsung has claimed that it supports multiple operating systems, it has not made a clear commitment to continued production of Symbian handsets.

By promoting an inclusive philosophy without committing to a single software platform, Samsung has employed considerable diplomacy whilst remaining vague about its true intentions.

Many suspect that despite its status as a founding member of the Symbian foundation, Samsung's continued development of Symbian handsets could well be in jeopardy.

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