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  5. Samsung Bada platform shows off interface

Samsung Bada platform shows off interface

Samsung Bada platform shows off interface

The first in what will presumably be a long line of screen shots showing the Bada operating system from Samsung in action have been released online.

Similarities between Bada and the TouchWIZ interface used on previous Samsung smartphones will be apparent to those familiar with the older platform and Samsung has admitted that elements of Bada are based on the original in-house touch screen interface.

Bada is expected to host multiple home screens with customisable widgets and the current batch of images show the traditional analogue clock widget in operation.

Compatibility with all of the popular web mail services, including GMail and Hotmail, is expected to be included from day one, as is social networking functionality.

Also visible in the screen shots are functions including a media player and an over-emphasised video call button which hints at the importance of the function on Samsung mobiles that will use Bada in the future.

Samsung Bada phones are expected to hit the shelves some time in 2010 and with multi-touch support and an attractive, clean interface things are looking fairly promising for the new mobile OS.

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