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Samsung TVs get iPhone app

Samsung TVs get iPhone app

Samsung has released a new iPhone app that lets iPhone owners control its new range of televisions.

The South Korean tech giant's app will work over a home Wi-Fi connection and is compatible with any HDTV that it has brought to market in 2010.

The handy application not only responds to touchscreen commands, but also integrates the use of the iPhone's accelerometer in order to allow users waggle it about and get their TV responding to their motions.

In practice, this means that tilting the iPhone will change the volume, but it is still an interesting addition to what may at first sound to be something of a pointless app.

Samsung has made sure that the app lets buyers use the iPhone to control every element that its new televisions offer, which means that users can control games being played on the TV via its own internet connection.

But the app's true party piece is surely its ability to use the iPhone's onboard QWERTY keypad to allow text input.

This means that it is possible to search the internet and find videos and content to stream to a Samsung TV without having to use the standard remote for typing.

The Samsung remote app for iPhone is on the App Store right now.

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