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Samsung Galaxy S3 to sport flexible display?

Samsung Galaxy S3 to sport flexible display?

The third iteration of Samsung’s flagship Galaxy line of smartphones could boast a super-slim flexible display, the company has hinted, as it announced its plans to bring the new screen tech to market in 2012.

Bendy Super AMOLED screens, which have been in Samsung’s roadmap for sometime now, could finally make their debut on mobile handsets next year, as well on tablets and other portable devices.

Speaking at the company’s quarterly earnings call, Samsung’s vice president of investor relations Robert Yi revealed: “The flexible display we are looking to introduce sometime in 2012, hopefully the earlier part. The application probably will start from the handset side.”

Although Yi doesn’t specifically refer to the Galaxy S3, we’re keeping our fingers crossed nonetheless it’ll be home to whatever cutting-edge display tech Sammy is cooking up next.

The tremendous success of the Galaxy S branded handsets, which have cumulatively shifted 30 million units to date, has already helped propel Samsung to become the leading smartphone vendor in Q3, with sales of 28 million phones.

The Korean electronics giant is currently the world’s largest manufacturer of LCD screens and the biggest supplier of OLED panels. With new flexible displays in its arsenal, it is sure to steal a march on rivals Apple and HTC for avant-garde smartphone designs.

Whether it will be the hotly anticipated Galaxy S3 or a completely new range remains to be seen. Whatever the case, we’re excited by the prospect and can’t wait to see the results.



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