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  5. Apple offered Samsung iOS patent license

Apple offered Samsung iOS patent license

Apple offered Samsung iOS patent license

Apple offered Samsung the chance to license at least one of its iOS patents, it has emerged, after a US court denied the Cupertino-based giant an injunction on the sale of Samsung’s Galaxy range of products.

Patent #7,469,381, which covers various UI behaviour on iOS, including the displaying of a background image or pattern when the user scrolls beyond the edge of the screen, was cited in its lawsuit stateside as example of Apple's willingness to share intellectual property with rivals.

According to The Verge, Apple has already licensed the 381 patent to Nokia and IBM. However, for some reason, Samsung decided not to accept Apple’s offer, which among other alleged patent and copyright violations have led to the two companies becoming entangled in an acrimonious legal tug-of-war around the globe.

Unfortunately for Apple, the ruling in the US suggests it might at best be entitled to monetary compensation for any damaged caused by this particular infringement. It is unlikely that any Samsung Galaxy products will be prohibited from sale, as we've seen in parts of Europe and Australia.

Adding to insult to injury, the Samsung Galaxy S2, which is one of the accused devices, has already sold in excess of 10 million units worldwide and remains the UK’s most popular smartphone even after the launch of the iPhone 4S.


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