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  5. Samsung Galaxy S2 explodes in man’s pants

Samsung Galaxy S2 explodes in man’s pants

Samsung Galaxy S2 explodes in man’s pants

If you thought iPhones are the only handsets hot enough to spontaneously self-combust, you would be wrong – because Samsung’s Galaxy S2 does too.

Or at least for one unlucky owner in the US it did, who picked up the recently launched Skyrocket edition of the S2 only for it to nearly sterilise him weeks later. Photos posted by a friend of the victim (who we’re told is unharmed) reveal a ghastly, almost frightening state of the burnt crisp Galaxy S2.

Samsung Galaxy S2

According to user, who goes by the handle Silly22 on the XDA Developers forum, his friend felt “a burning sensation on his leg” and “there was smoke coming out of his pocket and out of the phone”.

He went on to add the handset was purchased only two weeks ago and wasn’t being used heavily. Exactly what may have caused the battery meltdown remains a mystery for now and probably won’t be clear until the handset in question is sent back to Samsung or an independent safety authority for analysis.

galaxy s2 burnt image 2

The incident comes only a week after an iPhone inexplicably exploded aboard an Australian domestic flight. Although the incidents are relatively isolated, considering both handsets have sold millions of untainted units, it nonetheless raises serious concerns whether newer smartphones are increasingly compromising battery safety for slimmer dimensions, which may possibly be responsible for their increased volatility.

It’s also likely that in order to meet supply demands, some units may have been rushed during the manufacturing process and shipped with defects.

Whatever the case, they don’t bode well for the companies’ image, especially as Apple and Samsung are widely regarded by industry experts as the two leading makers of premium smartphones.

That’s not to say you should be put off from buying their handsets. But mobile manufacturers do have a responsibility to investigate and address consumer concerns for safety with smartphones fast becoming an inseparable companion for millions of people in the world, many of whom may not be as lucky as this particular owner.



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