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Samsung Galaxy S3 coming to Vodafone

Samsung Galaxy S3 coming to Vodafone

Vodafone has become the first UK carrier to confirm it is ranging the Samsung Galaxy S3, jumping on board with the handset before it’s even been unveiled.

The network announced it is stocking the follow-up to the Galaxy S2 in a teaser ad on its website, which states simply: "Your next Galaxy [is] coming to Vodafone”.

samsung galaxy s3 vodafone

Voda’s keeny-keen-ness comes as anticipation builds around the phone ahead of its official launch on May 3rd at an all-the-bells-and-whistles showcase in London.

Yesterday, Samsung stoked the hype when it released an epic, if somewhat oblique trailer video for the S3 that continued the gadget-maker's habit of taking potshots at Apple while touting its own devices’ credentials.

Specs for the S3 are a matter of conjecture at the moment. However, a product listing on Amazon’s German site yesterday appeared to confirm that the S3 will be home to a 4.7-inch screen, most likely of the Super AMOLED HD Plus variety, and a 12-megapixel camera.

samsung galaxy s3 invite

A quad-core processor built by Exynos is also set to be on board to bring the S3 in line with rival flagship phones from HTC and LG, as well as 16GB of on board memory.

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