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  5. Samsung announces Omnia M Windows Phone kit for UK

Samsung announces Omnia M Windows Phone kit for UK

Samsung announces Omnia M Windows Phone kit for UK

Androids aren’t the only phones Samsung makes, in case you forgot, as the South Korean giant lifts the lid on its latest Windows Phone blower, the Omnia M.

Samsung Omnia M

It comes hard on the heels of the Galaxy S3, which was unveiled last week and is set to shift a record number of units when it lands later this month. But clearly Sammy isn’t putting all its eggs on basket and is still keen to maintain a presence on Microsoft’s struggling platform.

Earlier this week the phone-maker announced the Focus 2 in the US, boasting similar design aesthetics as the S3 but with more modest specs.

The Omnia M is a similarly lower-end effort, though it looks more like a cross between its predecessor, the Omnia 7, and the Galaxy S2.

Standout features include a 1GHz single-core processor, a four-inch Super AMOLED display and a five-megapixel rear-mounted camera, plus a front-facing VGA. It also comes with Samsung’s universal instant messaging service ChatON installed out of the box. Although there’s only 4GB on storage on board, this can be supplemented by 25GB free cloud storage from Windows SkyDrive.

“Mobile consumers increasingly carry and share a large part of their lives through phones", said JK Skin, president of the IT & Mobile Communications Divions at Samsung.

"They are looking for phones that combine individual style with the ability to consume and share all kinds of content across their ever-growing social networks." Samsung has yet to confirm a release date or pricing details, but we’ll reveal these as soon as they are available.

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