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  5. Samsung Galaxy S3 first TV commercial unveiled

Samsung Galaxy S3 first TV commercial unveiled

Samsung Galaxy S3 first TV commercial unveiled

The first official TV spot for Samsung’s newly announced Galaxy S3 has been revealed, as the phone-maker gears up for the handset’s imminent release.

Samsung Galaxy S3 tv ad screenshot

Featuring such sentimental phrases as ‘share what’s in your heart’ and ‘keeps track of loved ones’, all backed up by a soaring soundtrack, the minute-long adverts hits all the right notes and doesn’t make a single swipe at that Other Phone.

It is rather touching and surprisingly clever, too, because it hints at several of the handset’s key functions without actually mentioning them. Not least in the way it shows off the handset's NFC smarts by showing a couple of lovers touching each other’s hands over pane of glass - and Smart Stay, which uses the front-facing camera to track whether the user is looking at the phone or not – with a dad putting his daughter to sleep by reading from the phone and then following suit.

There’s no reference to a quad core processor here, nor a 4.8-inch HD Super AMOLED display. It’s all very subtle and focuses entirely on the user and the experience the phone offers, which is a refreshing change from the repetitious, albeit effective, ads we’re used to seeing.

Without further ado, see it for yourself:

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