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  5. Samsung Galaxy S3 snaps leak again

Samsung Galaxy S3 snaps leak again

Samsung Galaxy S3 snaps leak again

Yes, unfortunately another so-called “leaked” Samsung Galaxy S3 photo has surfaced online, as we drag ourselves ever closer to the handset’s imminent official announcement.

This latest snap, uncovered by the good folk at SamMobile, reveals a phone that looks just like the one exposed last month by Gizmodo Brazil, which was later identified as a prototype rather than the final product.

Since then, a more official-looking promo shot of the S3 has surfaced, boasting some noticeable design differences to Gizmodo’s device.

Still, the fact this particular unit has popped up again, this time with a shot of the screen itself, which reveals the handset’s model number I9300 that's widely believed to be the Galaxy S3, makes us think there might be something more to it.

We’re thinking this might be the US variant of the Galaxy S3, whereas the curvier model is the international version. Thank heavens we have to wait just one more day to find out for sure.



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