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  5. Samsung Galaxy S3 gets ‘Quick Tap’ NFC payments from Orange

Samsung Galaxy S3 gets ‘Quick Tap’ NFC payments from Orange

Samsung Galaxy S3 gets ‘Quick Tap’ NFC payments from Orange

The Samsung Galaxy S3 will soon be able to put its NFC skills to use and allow users to pay for stuff on the go using Orange’s Quick Tap service, the network has announced.

Quick Tap, for the uninitiated, is a mobile payment technology powered by Barclaycard that enables compatible smartphones to double as digital wallets and make speedy transactions by simply tapping them on a reader.

The Galaxy S3 will be the first Android smartphone to benefit from the service, thanks to its built-in Near Field Communications (NFC) chip. Although we’re not sure why there’s any tapping involved at all for a service that’s billed as ‘contactless’, especially when NFC works as long as the handset is in close proximity to the terminal.

In any case, it’s still pretty convenient and should save a fair bit of time paying for low-ticket items during rush hour. S3 users will be able to top-up their handsets using Visa or MasterCard and pay up to £20 per transaction at participating vendors.

“We are really excited to be launching Quick Tap payments on one of the most popular smartphones of the year,” said Simeon Bird, director of propositions at Orange. “Contactless mobile payments are a secure and convenient alternative to cash and cards and we are pleased to be the first network brand in the UK to offer its customers such an innovative service.”

The service will officially launch tomorrow and will be available to Orange customers only. To sweeten its appeal further, new and existing customers who pick up the Galaxy S3 on contract from Orange until October 5th will receive £50 on their phone to spend.

For the time being it doesn’t look like Orange’s other half, T-Mobile, is on board. But we’ll be sure to let you know if we hear if anything changes.

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