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  5. Samsung snipes at iPhone 5 with provocative print ad

Samsung snipes at iPhone 5 with provocative print ad

Samsung snipes at iPhone 5 with provocative print ad

Samsung has taken another swipe at Apple, this time over the recently announced iPhone 5, in a rather inflammatory ad running in various national and local newspapers in the US.

Rather cheekily titled “It doesn’t take a genius”, the ad compares the numerous hardware and software features of the iPhone 5 and the Galaxy S3 that Samsung considers most important, accompanied by the strapline: “The Next Big Thing is already here”.

Samsung anti iPhone 5 newspaper ad

While no one expects a competitor to be completely unbiased, neutrals would say the list, which includes arbitrary Galaxy S3 features such as Palm Touch Mute Pause and ShareShot, conveniently excludes features only available on the iPhone 5, such as PassBook and FaceTime.

Apple fans, on the other hand, will no doubt claim the ad is a case of sour grapes over Sammy’s recent courtroom defeat against Apple that saw the South Korean company ordered to pay $1 billion in compensation for ‘wilfully’ copying iOS devices.

The rivalry, which has damaged a previously friendly relationship between the two companies, only looks to intensify amid reports that Samsung may sue Apple over the inclusion of 4G LTE, one of the more prominent upgrades of the sixth-generation kit.

Apple has yet to respond to the ad and it is unlikely that it will. However, iFans have taken matters into their own hands to draw up their own comparisons and parodies based on the ad.

Ultimately, the sales figures will decide the real winner. The Samsung Galaxy S3 has already sold more than 20 million units since landing in May and is expected to shift 10 million more before the year’s end.

The iPhone 5, meanwhile, has already depleted its pre-order stock according to Apple and various networks around the world and is forecast to sell a staggering 5.5 million units in its launch weekend of September 21st.

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