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  5. Samsung Galaxy S4 to feature flexible screen?

Samsung Galaxy S4 to feature flexible screen?

Samsung Galaxy S4 to feature flexible screen?

Speculation that Samsung’s next flagship phone will feature a game-changing flexible screen and a bendy form factor got fresh legs today, after it emerged that the technology is close to becoming reality.

Samsung confirmed it was working on ‘unbreakable’ screen technology last year and that it planned to introduce it first on a handset rather than a tablet. As well minimising breakages, the screens would act as a major differentiator for Samsung’s kit in sea of identikit smartphones.

samsung flexible screen

Today it seems that Samsung is well on course with development of the tech, after an anonymous source cited by The Wall Street Journal revealed that the company is entering “the last phase of development of so-called flexible displays for mobile devices”.

The first of these to market will apparently land during the “first half of next year”. Going by the release date of Samsung’s previous and current flagship phones, the S2 and S3, that suggests very strongly that the first device to feature the flexi-screen tech will be the as-yet-unconfirmed Galaxy S4.

Samsung flexible AMOLED display prototype

Shinyoung Securities analyst Lee Seung-chul said: "The key reason for Samsung to use plastic rather than conventional glass is to produce displays that aren't breakable.

“The technology could also help lower manufacturing costs and help differentiate its products from other rivals.”

The S4‘s putative feature set is expected to take in an Exynos 5 series processor and a thinner memory chip that should clear the way for the slimmest Galaxy phone so far.


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