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  5. Samsung’s future Galaxy: 5 forthcoming Samsung Galaxy products you need to know about

Samsung’s future Galaxy: 5 forthcoming Samsung Galaxy products you need to know about

Samsung’s future Galaxy: 5 forthcoming Samsung Galaxy products you need to know about

Samsung is on a mission. Having snagged top spot in both smartphone and overall mobile sales, the Korean giant is looking to ram home its advantage by releasing a seemingly endless slew of smartphones and tablets.

With a daily whirlwind of rumours, gossip and official announcements, it’s getting hard to keep up. So here’s a quick primer on the five key Samsung Galaxy products that Seoul’s smartest are beavering away on right now.

1 Samsung Galaxy S4 Active

Samsung Galaxy S4 Active

Spied earlier this week and sporting a rather sharp red design, this is Samsung’s answer to the rugged stylings of Sony’s Xperia Z.

While yet to get official, it is said to be waterproof has rubberised buttons for controlling the device when it rains and port covers to stop any dirt and dust getting in.

The rivets round the back suggest this will be a doughty device, although you’ll probably just end up dunking it in your pint to impress your mates down the pub.

2 Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini

Samsung Galaxy S4 mini side-by-side Galaxy S4 leaked photo

Talked-of ever since the actual Galaxy S4 got the official nod, the S4 Mini is edging ever closer to reality.

It’s been benchmarked, clocking impressive speeds for a phone that’s meant to be a pared down version of this year’s snappiest smartphone.

It’s also said to have a 4.3-inch display, a dual-core processor and is primed to come in single and dual SIM varieties.

Expect Samsung to have it on shelves well ahead of Apple’s much-vaunted iPhone Mini.

3 Samsung Galaxy Note 3

samsung galaxy note 3 new leak

The most hyped of the lot, the Galaxy Note 3 has been the subject of a torrent of tenuous tittle-tattle.

From chatter about whether images posted online were taken with the phone, to whether it’ll rock the same design as the S4, this is the phone the fanboys want most.

That’s really no surprise. It’s likely to pack S4-matching specs, with a 2GHz processor and a huge 6-inch display.

Think of it like the recently announced Galaxy Mega handsets, but far cooler.

4 Samsung Galaxy S4 Mega

Samsung Galaxy Mega black official

Just to confuse things further, Samsung is also said to be priming a Mega edition of its Galaxy S4.

That’s to go alongside the two 5.8-inch and 6.3-inch Mega phones revealed earlier this month, and the Galaxy Note 3.

There are no specs yet, but the device was referenced in a Samsung app update, sending phone fans loopy.

It could be a typo, but knowing Samsung’s love of unleashing as many phones as possible, that’s unlikely.

5 Samsung Galaxy Note 3 8.0

samsung galaxy note 8.0 front back

Not a phone, but Samsung’s latest slate. This will simply be an amped up version of its recently confirmed Galaxy Note 3 7.0 (they really need to sort the naming convention here), with an 8-inch display and a thinner bezel.

Either way, it’s aimed directly at the iPad Mini.

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