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  5. Samsung Galaxy S5: Mobile World Congress launch ruled out by analyst

Samsung Galaxy S5: Mobile World Congress launch ruled out by analyst

Samsung Galaxy S5: Mobile World Congress launch ruled out by analyst

Claims that Samsung is bringing forward the release of the Galaxy S5 have been rubbished by one of the smartphone sector’s most forthright, least circumspect analysts.

Late last year, a slew of reports suggested that the next Galaxy smartphone will be showcased at Mobile World Congress in February. Previously, Samsung has favoured a late March/April slot for the launch of new Galaxy S models.

The reports, which posited that the Galaxy S4’s lukewarm reception inspired the change, got fresh credence today after it emerged that Samsung’s fourth-quarter profits took an unexpected 18% dip.

Naturally, a new smartphone to tout would improve the company's situation by making the Galaxy S4’s perceived shortcomings a dim and distant memory and making Sammy's profit and loss sheet look a bit healthier in the early part of 2014.

However, one man not affording credence to the early-release chatter is part-time analyst and Mobile Review Editor and full-time motormouth Eldar Murtazin.

According to Murtazin, who has been holding court on Twitter once again, the Galaxy S5 won’t be landing until March. The handset will actually go on sale on May 1st, he claims.

Murtazin’s record with predictions has been spot-on on a number of occasions, suggesting whoever his friends are they’re in pretty high places.

His most notable forecast, for which he was pilloried by more cautious tech-watchers, was calling the Nokia-Microsoft partnership months and months before it happened.

What he doesn’t tell us this time, though, is what to expect from the S5. However, leaked details suggest it’ll be home to a camera ranging from 16-20 megapixels and may ditch the range’s plastic construction for a more premium metal build.

Retina-scanning security is also expected to be on board, as Samsung bids to outdo the iPhone 5S's Touch ID feature.



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