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  5. Samsung Z: Five things you need to know about the Tizen phone

Samsung Z: Five things you need to know about the Tizen phone

Samsung Z: Five things you need to know about the Tizen phone

After years of teasing and the release of its first smart watch to use the platform, Samsung has finally shown off its first commercially available Tizen phone.

Dubbed the Samsung Z (something we’re sure Sony will be none too impressed with seeing as its Xperia Z range is already well established), the device is aiming to shake up a smartphone market which is centred on Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android platform.

Read on and we’ll tell you all you need to know about the Samsung Z.

1 It ditches Android for Tizen


What is Tizen? Well, simply put, it’s Samsung’s own operating system, made in–house with the help of Intel. The Samsung Z is the first commercially available phone to use it.

The idea is simple. To give Samsung a platform like Apple has with iOS and Microsoft with Windows Phone, allowing it to control software and hardware.

Although Samsung still uses Google Android for its key Galaxy range, Tizen is clearly being built as a future alternative.

That means Samsung is trying to get more developers on side to create apps that will make it a viable option for those looking to switch from Android or iPhone.

2 Fingerprint security included


Samsung already has fingerprint-scanning tech baked into its Galaxy S5. And it’s brought that to bear here too.

The sensor means that security is a top priority with the Samsung Z, an issue that Google has struggled with in recent times.

This suggests Samsung may be looking to make this kind of tech more widespread in future phone releases and not just with kit using Tizen.

3 Lower end specs, so a cheaper price?

cheap price pound shop

The specs aren’t exactly world beating, although they’re more than ample for non-power users.

The screen is 720p HD, so not quite the eyeball stroking effort we’ve got used to in the very best phones.

There’s 2GB of RAM, 16GB of storage, microSD expansion and a quad core processor to keep things ticking along.

The battery also an ultra power saving mode so things keep kicking even when you’re running low on juice.

4 Russia getting a first taste

samsung russia

Russia is set to be the first country to get the Samsung Z, with the device launching in the third quarter there.

Developers are already being brought in to help smooth the process and create new third-party apps. There are then plans to bring the Z to ‘other markets’ later in the year.

5 It’s set to be the first of many

galaxy family

Tizen’s path to market was troubled to say the least. Most notably when a planned launch was scrapped late in the day at the behest of European carriers.

But to say Samsung has big plans for its OS is an understatement. The phone-maker anticipates that phones running Tizen will soon make up as much as 15% of its annual shipments.

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