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Galaxy Note 7: Samsung set to sell refurbished phones

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 vs S7 screen waterproof

Samsung looks set to put its discontinued Galaxy Note 7 back on sale, after reports in South Korea suggested the company is readying refurbished models aimed at cost-conscious consumers.

It’s believed that the reconfigured Galaxy Note 7 will come with a much smaller battery, in order to avoid a repeat of its widely renowned problems with exploding batteries.

Samsung is said to have as many as 2.5 million Galaxy Note 7 handsets left, after being forced into a recall following a string of problems which saw phones catch fire and cause injury to consumers.

Would you buy a new Note phone after its problems with exploding batteries? Our survey suggests consumers are wary.

The refurbished phones will not go on sale in Europe and the US however, with regulators unlikely to allow faulty products back into the market.

Instead, Korean sources say Samsung will sell the phones in burgeoning smartphone markets such as India and Vietnam.

Last month Samsung confirmed that the batteries used in the Galaxy Note 7 were too big for their housing, causing them to overheat.

It’s thought the problem has cost the company billions in lost revenue.

Samsung is set to tease plans for its new Galaxy S8 smartphone this weekend, with plans afoot to unveil a new Note model later in 2017.



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