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  5. Samsung admits Galaxy Note 8 charging problems

Samsung admits Galaxy Note 8 charging problems

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 review hero image S-Pen stylus

Samsung has confirmed reports that some owners of its flagship Galaxy Note 8 smartphone have found their devices bricked and unable to charge when the battery is fully drained.

Over the holiday period a number of Galaxy Note 8 users said their phones would not power up when plugged into the mains.

In a brief statement Samsung said it had heard, "a very limited number of reports which could be associated with the power management circuit."

Essentially, Galaxy Note 8 models that run out of power do not retain enough in order to start charging, a core feature of all smartphones.

Samsung is said to be advising owners to return their Galaxy Note 8 for replacement under warranty, although reports suggest that by repeatedly plugging the phone into the mains for 30 seconds a time owners could kickstart its charging mechanism.

If you’re concerned, it’s advisable to start charging your Galaxy Note 8 before it runs dry, just in case the device is affected by the issue.



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