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Virgin Media vs Sky: who has the best ultrafast Black Friday deal?

Virgin Media vs Sky: who has the best ultrafast Black Friday deal?

If you’re looking to upgrade your broadband speed, there’s never been a better time to do it.

For Black Friday, broadband providers have heavily cut their prices and giving out generous gift cards to those that sign up to their ultrafast broadband deals.

Two providers to watch today are Virgin Media, one of the fastest broadband providers in the UK, and Sky, which has recently launched two very enticing ultrafast connections. But which provider can get you a better Black Friday broadband deal this time around?

Virgin Media logo

Virgin Media Black Friday broadband deals

Our best deal: Virgin Media M100 Ultrafast Fibre Broadband Only | 108Mbps | 18-month contract | No setup fee | £25 per month | Uswitch exclusive

Virgin Media has launched some broadband deals exclusively with Uswitch for Black Friday 2021. Not only has the provider discounted the monthly price of all of its ultrafast broadband-only deals, but it has removed its £35 setup cost for a limited time too.

Our pick of the bunch is Virgin Media’s M100 Ultrafast Fibre Broadband Only deal, which has been discounted to just £25 per month and comes with free installation.

This package will let multiple people in your home stream in 4K quality at once, and your files and games will download considerably faster compared to the average broadband speed in the UK (about 80Mbps).

More Virgin Media Black Friday broadband deals

  • M200: 213Mbps | 18-month contract | Broadband only | No setup fee | £29 per month | Uswitch exclusive
  • M350: 362Mbps | 18-month contract | Broadband only | No setup fee | £33 per month | Uswitch exclusive
  • M500: 516Mbps | 18-month contract | Broadband only | No setup fee | £39 per month | Uswitch exclusive

All Virgin Media broadband-only Black Friday offers are available until Tuesday 30 November.

If you're an O2 customer, you can get double the speed on a Virgin Media broadband deal. This deal isn't just for Black Friday, either. It's available anytime. For more information, read our news piece on Virgin Media O2 deals.

Virgin Media has also announced some huge TV and mobile bundle deals for Black Friday 2021. It's included an O2 SIM card as part of its Volt service and the choice between an LG Smart TV or £250 in bill credit!

Compare Virgin Media Black Friday deals

Sky logo (512:256)

Sky Early Black Friday broadband deals

Our best deal: Sky Ultrafast Broadband | 145Mbps | 18-month contract | Broadband only | No setup fee | £32 per month

Sky has announced its official Black Friday offers. It has cut the price of its superfast and ultrafast broadband deals, and removed the setup cost of its ultrafast installations for the shopping period.

For now, the best ultrafast Sky Black Friday deal is Sky Ultrafast Broadband, which you can get on an 18-month contract for £32pm. It comes with a 145Mbps internet speed, which is almost double the average broadband bandwidth in the UK. With this speed, you can download an HD movie in under seven minutes, and multiple people in the home will be able to stream in the highest quality possible.

More Sky Black Friday broadband deals

These early Sky Black Friday broadband deals are available until Friday 3rd December.

Who has the best Black Friday TV deals, Sky or NOW?

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Virgin Media vs Sky: which Black Friday ultrafast deal should I buy?

Comparing the two providers’ deals, it’s quite clear that Virgin Media is offering a better value ultrafast broadband package than Sky.

For roughly the same speed of about 100Mbps, the monthly price is £25 for Virgin, whereas Sky is charging £32 per month this Black Friday. That’s a £7 per month difference — the price of an Amazon Prime subscription.

Plus, Virgin Media’s faster Black Friday broadband deals remain at a better value too, with its 516Mbps deal priced at £39 per month, as opposed to £43 for Sky’s Ultrafast Plus package.

But price doesn’t tell the whole story, of course. There are other factors you should still consider before making your decision, such as each provider’s coverage and their reputation for customer service.

For example, Virgin Media’s network is only available to about 52% of the UK. And while Sky’s Ultrafast deals have an even lower coverage right now, there’s still a chance you can only receive one, or potentially even none, of the options. So make sure to use our Black Friday deals postcode checker if you’re not sure what’s available in your area.

Your provider’s customer service should be an important thing to consider too. It’s all well and good choosing a deal you think is great value, but if you’re unhappy with how your provider handles complaints or internet connection issues, you could be in for a rough 18 months.

Ofcom recently announced its latest provider complaints league table, which rates and compares the customer service of UK broadband providers. This one looks at how providers performed between April and June of this year, so if you’d like to choose a provider that’s well-known for a great service, you might find these rankings helpful.

See where Sky and Virgin Media sit in Ofcom’s latest complaints data.

Other ultrafast providers with Black Friday broadband deals

Sky and Virgin Media aren’t the only suppliers of ultrafast deals this Black Friday. Providers like Vodafone and Hyperoptic, while lesser known for broadband than the two telecoms titans, also have very tempting offers available right now.


Vodafone has added some of its largest discounts ever to its broadband deals for Black Friday. You can get a 100Mbps connection from only £23 per month, and a superfast 67Mbps package for an incredible £20 per month if you choose one of its low-price packages this November.

The provider is also offering a £130 gift card to those that choose its Black Friday deals this year, so if you think one of its deals is right for you, you’d also enjoy a very welcome boost to the Christmas shopping budget!

Find out more about Vodafone’s Black Friday broadband deals.


Hyperoptic has less coverage than Sky, Virgin Media and Vodafone, but those that can receive its full fibre broadband could get their hands on some great value ultrafast broadband deals this Black Friday.

If you choose a 24-month contract with the provider, you will get the first three months of your contract completely for free. This could save you:

  • £75 on its £25 per month, 150Mbps package (£27 per month if you want to add a home phone)
  • £105 on its £35 per month, 500Mbps package
  • £120 on its £40 per month, 900Mbps package

Just don't be surprised if it turns out you can't get a Hyperoptic connection at your home just yet. The provider mainly focuses on apartment blocks and new-build neighbourhoods, so most homes wouldn't be able to get its service right now.

Whatever you’re looking for this Black Friday, there will likely be an ultrafast deal out there that suits your needs — you just need to make sure it’s available where you live!

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