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The colour palettes of our favourite celebrity homes

Colourful walls and bold prints, old-school glamour, or a neutral oasis away from the spotlight? Uswitch sought to identify the colour palettes of our favourite celebrity homes from Robert Downey Jr to Kendall Jenner.
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Colour palettes of our favourite celebrity homes feature

The colour palettes of our favourite celebrity homes can provide an endless source of inspiration, especially if you’re looking to recreate the calming hues found in most famous homes.

To inspire you for your future decorating endeavours, Uswitch has pinpointed the common colours across celebrity homes. To do this, we created a colour palette scheme of the celebrity homes that have the most-watched videos on the Architectural Digest YouTube channel.

Our favourite celebrity homes' colour palettes

Wiz Khalifa

Wiz Khalifa colour palette

The most-watched celebrity house tour on Architectural Digest is of Wiz Khalifa’s L.A. mansion. There are over 48 million views so far, and it’s no surprise either with the interesting West Coast home boasting a studio with intimate purple lighting and red-toned walls.

To personalise the space even more, the singer has installed a marijuana bar. This custom space is decorated with a "High Life" sign that gives it a predominantly green hue. It’s a stark contrast from the chill blue shades of his living room, which his son loves to play in.


Zedd colour palette

Another music artist on the list is producer and songwriter Anton Zaslavski - better known by his stage name, Zedd. His modern yet homely property has racked up over 45 million views, with people loving the neutral tones in his living room and bathroom.

Zedd’s bedroom is where he brings in the darker tones. The colour palette consists of deep blues, blacks and dark brown. Some of these colours are spread around his dining room too, with an added splash of a golden brown.

Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba colour palette

Another celebrity that incorporates neutral tones around their home is Jessica Alba. While the exterior is a dark grey, the light and airy interior is the exact opposite. The bedroom and nursery are decorated with light peaches, creams, and the occasional light brown to create a soothing sanctuary.

The green elements of the bathroom colour palette come from potted plants dotted around the room in an effort to bring the outside in. The green is also featured in her living room paired with blue in the forest-inspired paintings on her wall.

Robert Downey Jr.

Robert Downey Jr colour palette

With one of the most colourful homes on this list, Robert Downey Jr. is the fourth most-watched celebrity home video. His late-19th century windmill home is close to the Hamptons and is littered with bright art pieces, rugs with blues and pinks, and bold bathroom tiles.

The living room is one of the most subdued rooms in the property but still includes blue, mustard, and light pink in the colour palette. A similar colour scheme trails into the dining room, but with an additional pop of teal.

David Dobrik

David Dobrik colour palette

YouTuber David Dobrik is famed for his pranks and short skit-like videos, with almost all of them being filmed in his own home. To really make the on-screen content shine, David has decorated his house in an earthy manner. His kitchen, living room and bedroom all have elements of brown, creams, and some black.

The standout room is the one dedicated to his podcast, VIEWS. The lit-up sign brings the purple aspect to the colour palette, and the black walls and recording equipment further add to the dark colour scheme.

Dakota Johnson

Dakota Johnson colour palette

Dakota Johnson’s house tour has been viewed over 20 million times and the biggest appeal is the overall ‘lived in’ feel to the property. The wooden walls and furniture lend the brown tones to the colour palettes of her dining room, living room, and bedroom. These tones are then complemented by light beige accessories and pops of white.

Her bathroom is the source of most of the bright colours in her home, namely green. With elements of colour psychology showing that greens in your bathroom can create a peaceful and calming space, it’s the perfect escape from Hollywood for Dakota.

Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner colour palette

A tranquil environment is what supermodel Kendall Jenner was going for when she decorated her Los Angeles home. She achieved this by sticking to light neutrals paired with dark colours such as navy blue, greys, and black.

The colour palette of her bathroom has some different colours included from the vivid green tiles, decorative plants, and the copper accessories such as a tri-fold mirror and built-in light fixture.

Nicole Scherzinger

Nicole Scherzinger colour palette

Singer Nicole Scherzinger’s home is full of commissioned artwork and items showing her Hawaiian heritage. These add the pinks, yellows, and dark greens to an otherwise very neutral colour palette.

The darkest collection of colours are found in her bedroom as most of the furniture is made from organic velvet and the fireplace is made from a very dark cut of marble.

Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger colour palette

Founder of the highly profitable designer clothing company under the same name, Tommy Hilfiger is expected to have a lavish home. Those who have contributed to the over 14 million views on his penthouse tour would not be disappointed either.

The old-school glamour that runs through his entire home is to thank for the gold and reds in the colour palettes. The selection of hues for his bedroom set off a calming feel with plenty of light beige, khaki, and tones of brown.

Aaron Paul

Aaron Paul colour palette

Lastly, Aaron Paul’s home has the most rustic colour palette of our favourite celebrity homes. The abundance of browns and blacks in most of his rooms come from natural wood and exposed brickwork that feature throughout the property.

The award-winning actor’s Idaho home has provided inspiration to millions of people with decor decisions such as preserved antlers, concrete baths, and vintage furniture.

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  • were intrigued to uncover the most common hues and colour palettes of the most popular celebrity homes.

  • To do this, put together a seed list of Architectural Digest videos of celebrity homes and filtered the results to see the most popular celebrity home based on the number of YouTube views.

  • Images of the top 10 homes were then sourced by Architectural Digest and analysed on Adobe Colour to discover each celebrity homes colour palette.

* All data was collated on 05/10/21 and is accurate as of then.