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Plusnet Mobile: five things you need to know

Broadband provider now offers a 'good, honest' mobile service too.
Plusnet Mobile hero

Affordable broadband, landline and TV provider Plusnet has revealed that it is launching its own mobile network.

In keeping with its broadband service, its mobile deals are simple, don’t cost the Earth and promise to deliver rapid data connections to boot.

Keen to make the switch? Read on and we’ll tell you five things you need to know about Plusnet Mobile:

1. SIM only

SIM card

Plusnet Mobile is all about keeping things simple. That means it won’t be selling phones, rather it will be a SIM only network offering rolling 30-day contracts only.

If you’ve got an old phone you'd like to hang on to, or prefer to buy new devices upfront rather than spreading the cost out over the length of a contract, then Plusnet Mobile could well be for you.

Winningly, it also offers one-size-fits-all SIMs, so it'll fit whether you’ve got the latest iPhone or Android, or an old-school handset.

2. Four plans, all affordable

4 people on phones

In the spirit of simplicity, Plusnet Mobile extends to just four contracts, all of which are keenly priced.

Prices start at just £5 a month, which gets you 500MB of data, 250 minutes of calls and 500 texts.

£7.50 will get you 1GB of data, 1000 minutes and unlimited texts, while £10 sees your monthly data allowance boosted to 2GB, with 1,500 minutes and unlimited texts.

The top–end £15 package comes with 4GB of data and unlimited calls and texts.

So there are definitely good deals to be had whether you’re a light or heavy smartphone user.

Existing broadband and landline customers will also be able to take advantage of as–yet–unannounced ‘mates rates’ too.

3. LIFE Mobile meets Plusnet

Life mobile

Plusnet Mobile is a result of a tie–up with SIM–only provider LIFE Mobile, which was bought by EE in 2014.

The deal means that Plusnet will use EE’s network as the bedrock of its service.

LIFE Mobile customers will now become Plusnet customers. Plusnet pledges that if you’re already with LIFE, you can either switch to them or continue with your existing contract.

4. Full–on 4G

4g vs 3g

Being based on EE's network means that Plusnet Mobile is able to offer customers the UK's widest 4G coverage, with 99% population coverage, at a low price.

Unlike many providers that use a parent network, Plusnet isn’t compromising on speed by selling cheap deals that only use 3G.

Even its entry level £5 deal comes with 4G, so you can browse the web and stream music at speeds up to five times the average 3G speed.

There’s a Smart Cap policy, so you won’t overspend. Tethering to your laptop or tablet won’t cost extra either.

5. Pre–register now ahead of November 29th launch

Plusnet mobile

Plusnet Mobile is launching on November 29th. But if you’re especially keen to sign up, you can pre–register now.

If you do so before that date, Plusnet will allow you sign up for its top-end contract (usually priced £15 per month) for £10 per month.

Plusnet says it will have UK–based customer service lines too, making this a network that’s very hard to ignore.

Looking to compare SIM only deals? Find a selection at our dedicated SIM only comparison page.

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