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Samsung Galaxy F folding phone: five more things we’ve learned

As 2018 shapes up to be the year of the folding phone, we look ahead at Samsung's soon-to-land foldable tablet-smartphone.

Samsung’s hotly tipped Galaxy Fold folding phone might not have made it onto the show floor at this year’s CES.

But clients close to the Korean giant have been given a sneak peek of the device behind closed doors in Las Vegas, with enough details slipping out to give us a clearer idea of what to expect when the next–generation device finally gets its full unveiling next month.

Here are five more things we’ve learned about the Galaxy Fold.

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1 It won’t fold perfectly

Samsung Galaxy F foldable phone unfolded hero size

One of Samsung’s clients, who was allowed to play with the Galaxy Fold, has revealed that while the handset opens out flat to make a tablet–sized device, it won’t actually fold completely in half.

They explained that, “...completely folding the device will lead to breakage. For this reason, Samsung is testing the device so that the sides remain slightly lifted when folded.”

This lift will likely be negligible, although may be a deal-breaker for those want a perfectly flat handset when the Galaxy Fold is folded in half.

2 Screen kinks need working out

The same source said that while Samsung was working towards ironing out issues with the screen when it was folded out, the current prototype ‘leaves a crease mark’ during the folding process.

That suggests that the Galaxy Fold is still some way from primetime.

3 Only a million being made

It’s been well documented that Samsung is not going to make the Galaxy Fold in any great quantity, at least compared with its Galaxy S and Galaxy Note ranges.

While reports in late 2018 suggested numbers could be in the hundreds of thousands, those who’ve spent time with Samsung at CES believe it will produce around one million handsets.

That’s small fry up against the forthcoming Galaxy S10, but should be enough to build hype.

4 Multitasking in mind

Samsung Galaxy F foldable phone folded home screen hero

Samsung is apparently aiming to position the Galaxy Fold as a device for busy multi taskers, seeing as it can operate as both a tablet and smartphone with dual SIM capability.

Word is that will try and market the handset specifically to ‘men in their 40s’ with ample funds to splash out on their device.

Why women don’t figure in this strategy is unclear and suggests Samsung has a lot of work to do in order to get its launch plans in order and find a way to make the device appeal to a broader audience.

5 Set to debut on 20th February

Samsung Unpacked Paris ad

Word is the Samsung will unveil the Fold next month, alongside the Galaxy S10. That seems nailed-on now, after teaser ads for the handset appeared all over Paris this week.

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