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Moto G7 family: five things you need to know

Motorola G7 range leak

Motorola has unveiled the latest additions to its Moto G range. And once again, they're well priced Android smartphones, which range from higher-end G7 Plus model with impressive camera capabilities to the long-life G7 Power.

Here we take a look at each of the four phones in turn, to outline their key features and selling points.

1 Take excellent images with the Moto G7 Plus

Moto G7 Plus packshot

The Moto G7 Plus’s size isn’t its calling card, despite what its name suggests. In fact, the Plus refers to its amped up camera.

The G7 Plus totes a dual lens setup, with a pair of 16 megapixel sensors and, crucially, Optical Image Stabilisation (OIS).

OIS is usually reserved for the very best phones and ensures that pictures stay in focus even when your hands aren’t steady.

That’s not all. The camera packs AI skills, which power the Auto Smile and Smart Composition features.

That means the G7 Plus will help you take much better shots, more often.

2 Get a good all-rounder with the standard G7

Motorola G7 standard

The standard Moto G7 packs the same 6.2–inch screen as the Moto G7 Plus. However, its camera features slightly less powerful 12 megapixel lenses.

There’s still a dual lens setup, however, and a host of clever functions, including Google Lens and Spot Colour to allow you to unleash your creativity.

Chuck in all-day battery life and you’ve got a phone that’s a worthy competitor to far pricier rivals.

3 Never worry about running out of charge with the Moto G7 Power

Motorola G7 Power packshot official

The clue’s in the name. The Moto G7 Power is all about battery life.

It comes with an absolutely massive 5,000mAh power pack, that Motorola claims will last a massive 60 hours.

That’s two and a half days without having to find a power point or panic about your handset losing juice at that critical moment in the middle of a call or streaming the latest shows on Netflix.

It also totes a 6.2–inch screen and a Snapdragon processor.

4 Extra zip with the Moto G7 Play

Motorola G7 Play packshot

The entry-level model in the G7 family, the Moto G7 Play is 60% faster than the previous generation.

It has a 19:9 aspect ratio display, making it ideal for watching back movies on streaming services.

At 5.7–inches, it’s also more than big enough for every day tasks. As with its stablemates, Android 9.0 Pie comes installed as standard.

5 All available to buy on 1st March

Motorola has confirmed that all four of its G7 phones will be available to buy in the UK from 1st March.

The Moto G7 Play will be available on EE from £269 SIM–free.

The Moto G7 will start at £239 from Amazon, while the Moto G7 Power will cost £179 from and will be up for grabs on EE, Vodafone and Tesco Mobile.

Lastly, the Moto G7 Play will set you back £149 from Vodafone, Tesco and other participating resellers.

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