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Kasey Cassells

Kasey Cassells

Senior Content Editor

About the Author

Kasey started writing for Uswitch in 2014.

She helps people better understand and save money on their gas and electricity bills.

She's also a content editor for all things car insurance and personal finance.


  • Energy

  • Car Insurance

  • Personal Finances


  • BA (Hons) in Journalism - Solent University

Articles written by Kasey

Document license in Poland
16 February 2023

Car insurance for convicted drivers - Uswitch

Find out how to get car insurance if you’ve got a driving conviction - what are the restrictions and is it more expensive?

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How do I make a travel insurance claim?
03 May 2022

How do I make a travel insurance claim? Uswitch explains

How do I claim on my travel insurance? Find out how to make a successful travel insurance claim if the worst does happen on your holiday.

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Single trip travel insurance
03 May 2022

Single trip travel insurance | Is it the right insurance for you?

Find out if a single trip travel insurance policy is the best choice for you. Your questions on how to get cheap single trip travel insurance answered.

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Do I need travel insurance?
03 May 2022

Do I need travel insurance? Uswitch explains if you need it or not.

Do I need travel insurance? Find out if and when you really need travel insurance, and just how much going without travel insurance could really cost you.

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Annual travel insurance
29 April 2022

Annual travel insurance | Is multi-trip travel insurance for you?

Find out if annual travel insurance (also known as multi-trip cover) is the best choice for you. All your questions answered, plus tips for getting the best deal.

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19 April 2022

Does Home Contents Insurance Cover Mobile Phones?

Are mobile phones covered by home insurance policy? Our guide explains how to use your home contents insurance to include your mobile phone.

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Boy in toy car
04 October 2021

How much are driving lessons? | Driving Lesson Cost

Find out exactly how much it costs to learn to drive - we look at driving lessons, tests, and getting a licence.

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What is ghost broking?
14 September 2021

What is ghost broking?

So-called ‘ghost broker’ target drivers looking to get a good deal, and sell them fake or invalid insurance policies that aren’t worth the paper they’re written on. Find out how to avoid them here.

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New for old or contents indemnity cover
21 September 2020

New for old or contents indemnity cover?

New for old insurance policies are designed to replace your stolen or damaged home contents, with new equivalent items, even for your older possessions.

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Listed building insurance
03 September 2020

Home Insurance for Thatched Property

Affordable home insurance can be hard to come by for houses with thatched roofs. Read our guide and learn more about how to find thatched house insurance.

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Pet damage home insurance
02 September 2020

Pet damage home insurance

Is your home covered for damage caused by pets? Our guide explains what is included under accidental damage and can help you find the right home insurance.

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Insuring your home with smart technology
29 July 2020

New Build Home Insurance - Compare Quotes

Compare new build home insurance. Learn if you need to take out a new build house insurance on your property or if you are covered by the builder's warranty.

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