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Nick Baker, Broadband and TV expert

Nick Baker

Senior Editor

About the Author

Nick is the senior video and content editor, creating written and video content about all of Uswitch's home services – including broadband, TV, mobiles, gaming and energy.


  • Broadband services and technology

  • Digital TV and streaming services

  • Mobile releases, news and reviews

  • Product photographer

  • Video Editor

Featured in News

Nick has recently been featured and quoted in several high-profile publications including:

Articles written by Nick

“Previously BT Sport, TNT Sports is a must-have for sports fans.”
20 May 2024

How can I watch TNT Sports?

If you’re a sports fan, you’ll want access to dedicated sports channels like TNT Sports - previously known as BT Sport. Here’s how you can get TNT Sports with any provider.

Read our guide to TNT Sports
How to watch NOW TV guide
28 March 2024

How to watch NOW TV memberships

Want access to great Sky TV series, sports matches and films? NOW TV membership might be for you. Read our guide on how you can watch NOW TV on your device.

Read our guide to NOW TV subscriptions
Couple watching sky tv at home in their flat
20 March 2024

How to get Sky in a block of flats

Think Sky is only for houses? Think again. You can get Sky TV with or without a dish these days. Find out the best ways to get Sky TV in a block of flats.

Here's how to get Sky in a flat
two women laughing while watching TV
03 January 2024

What set-top box will I get?

Will you get a YouView or Sky Q? Does it hold 1TB or 2TB? Can you record live TV? Here’s your guide to what set-top box you'll get with each provider.

Read our guide to choosing a TV box
woman on the phone to her provider
27 November 2023

How to contact your broadband provider - Uswitch

Here's how to contact your broadband provider if you need to cancel, change your services, or enquire about billing or faults.

Read our guide to contacting your provider
Woman gamer on PC
20 November 2023

Video game downloads: how to speed up your console - Uswitch

Bored waiting for video games to download on your console? Try these top tips to speed up downloads on your PS5, PS4, Xbox and PC devices.

Read more about video game downloads
chromecast and chromecast remote
17 November 2023

Google Chromecast review | ur favourite streaming device

The Chromecast with Google TV is one the best streaming devices we've tested, with voice control, a collated interface and a wealth of apps available.

Read our Google Chromecast review
couple casting TV from a laptop
31 July 2023

What is on-demand TV?

On-demand TV gives you the series you want whenever you want them. Find out more about on-demand TV, including how you can watch it, in our guide.

Read our guide about on-demand TV
two teenagers playing video games on a gaming console
30 May 2023

Cloud gaming and game streaming guide | What's the best game streaming service?

Cloud gaming gives gamers access to large libraries of video games, while platforms like Twitch, one of the best game streaming sites, lets you stream gameplay to followers.

Read our guide to cloud gaming
16 April 2021

Which nationalities cheat the most at video games

Many people use video game cheat codes to boost their chances of winning, but which nation is home to the biggest cheaters? We did the research to find out.

Learn more
24 March 2021

How to change your Wi-Fi password

You don't have to keep the Wi-Fi password set by your broadband provider. Follow our step-by-step instructions on how to change your Wi-Fi password to something secure and easy to remember.

How to change your Wi-Fi password
image of the virgin v6 tv box
09 February 2021

Virgin V6 review

Virgin Media's V6 set-top box is packed with serious tech and powerful features. Our V6 guide will help you make the most of the new set-top box.

Read our Virgin V6 TV review
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