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Nick Baker, Broadband and TV expert

Nick Baker

Senior Editor

About the Author

Nick is the senior video and content editor, creating written and video content about all of Uswitch's home services – including broadband, TV, mobiles, gaming and energy.


  • Broadband services and technology

  • Digital TV and streaming services

  • Mobile releases, news and reviews

  • Product photographer

  • Video Editor

Featured in News

Nick has recently been featured and quoted in several high-profile publications including:

Articles written by Nick

professional man using laptop broadband cafe
24 April 2024

What is gigabit internet?

The next big step in home broadband is the introduction of gigabit internet speeds across the UK. But just how useful is gigabit internet and do you need it?

Read our guide to gigabit broadband
couple looking at their laptop at home
24 April 2024

Your guide to UK broadband providers

Get up-to-date info on your broadband supplier and browse the different options available to you with this guide.

Read our guide to broadband providers
internet connection problems - woman looking stressed
28 March 2024

Your guide to internet connection problems

Having internet connection problems? Here are a few pointers to help you identify the source of your broadband connection problems and get back online.

Read our internet connection problems guide
Young woman on a video call on her laptop
26 March 2024

A guide to video calling online

Video calls have become a standard practice in most of our lives. Here's how to get the most from your broadband and improve your video call quality.

Read our guide to video calls
21 March 2024

A guide to charges for premium rate and customer support numbers

What are premium changes? How will they affect you? Which numbers are classified as ‘premium rate’ or 'non-geographic'? Let us explain all.

Learn more
image of fibre optic cable
19 March 2024

What is cable broadband?

Think cable broadband is the same thing as fibre? Think again. Read on to learn more about what cable broadband is and how it's different from fibre.

Read our cable broadband guide
apple arcade logo uswitch
05 January 2024

What is Apple Arcade?

Apple's gaming subscription includes around 200 games that can be played on any Apple device.

Read our Apple Arcade guide
woman looking very frustrated with her broadband connection
21 September 2023

My broadband services are down, can I get money back?

With your broadband down or if you're experiencing wifi problems, you're entitled to compensation. Find out what you're entitled to and how to claim quickly and easily.

Read our guide to broadband compensation
man streaming TV on a laptop
30 August 2023

How to get streaming services for free in the UK

The cost of streaming services can quickly add up, so here's how to get streaming services for free in the UK (legally).

Read our guide to free streaming services
two women laughing while watching TV
11 July 2023

What’s the best media streaming device?

What’s the best streaming device? We'll help you choose between a Fire TV cube, a Chromecast, a NOW TV Stick and more to get the best streaming stick for your home.

Read our guide to TV streaming sticks
04 July 2023

What is ADSL broadband?

Want to know how ADSL broadband works? Read Uswitch's quick guide to ADSL broadband. Find out what ADSL broadband is, how ADSL broadband works and who can get ADSL broadband.

Read our ADSL broadband guide
tube map showing internet speeds of each station in zone 1
09 March 2020

How to find good Wi-Fi on the tube

The London Underground has a surprisingly good network of Wi-Fi hubs at stations throughout the city. We created a new tube map with the average Wi-Fi speeds available.

Read our guide to tube Wi-Fi
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