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Nick Baker, Broadband and TV expert

Nick Baker

Senior Editor

About the Author

Nick is the senior video and content editor, creating written and video content about all of Uswitch's home services – including broadband, TV, mobiles, gaming and energy.


  • Broadband services and technology

  • Digital TV and streaming services

  • Mobile releases, news and reviews

  • Product photographer

  • Video Editor

Featured in News

Nick has recently been featured and quoted in several high-profile publications including:

Articles written by Nick

watching football on TV
19 February 2024

What's the cheapest way to watch football on TV?

With the Premier League and the majority of competitions and leagues only available on pay-TV platforms, what's the cheapest way to watch football on TV?

Read our cheap guide to watching football
Discovery channel
23 January 2024

How can I get Discovery Channel?

Sharks, cars, history and tech: Discovery Channel has it all. Find out how you can watch the Discovery Channel no matter who your TV provider is.

Learn how to watch the Discovery Channel
man smiling at his laptop at home
27 December 2023

Six broadband switching myths — busted

What's keeping people from switching to a better broadband service? We found six myths surrounding the whole process that are absolutely not true!

Read our broadband switching myths guide
game of thrones guide
04 December 2023

How to watch Game of Thrones: House of the Dragon UK

The new Game of Thrones series, The House of the Dragon, will air its second season in summer 2024. Here's how to watch Game of Thrones and House of the Dragon on UK TV and online, with or without a Sky contract.

Read our Game of Thrones guide
woman using her laptop while sat on her sofa
28 November 2023

How do I keep my email address if I change providers?

If you've been using the email address linked to your broadband account, you should be able to keep your email address if you switch providers. Here's how.

Read our guide to keeping your email
syfy logo on a yellow background
10 August 2023

Can I get SYFY UK?

The SYFY channel - now known as Sky Sci-Fi – shows horror, action, science fiction and fantasy programming and films. Here's how to get Sky Sci-Fi with Sky, NOW, BT, Virgin or TalkTalk.

See what's on the SYFY channel
sky go logo blue
07 August 2023

What's on Sky Go?

Sky Go is Sky’s free streaming service. If you have a Sky subscription, you'll automatically get access to Sky Go. Here’s what you can watch on Sky Go.

Find out what's on Sky Go
Mobile phone with TV streaming platform apps
14 March 2023

How to save money on your streaming services - Ustream

Here's how you can save money on your TV streaming subscriptions by mixing and matching the ones you need throughout the year.

Learn more
comedy central logo on a pink background
17 February 2023

What's on Comedy Central?

With a range of comedy from classic sitcoms to political satire, Comedy Central will keep you laughing out loud. Find out more about Comedy Central.

See what's on Comedy Central
Apple TV plus logo Uswitch
13 February 2023

What’s on Apple TV Plus?

Apple's streaming platform features a host of exclusive and original content. Read on to find out more about what's on Apple TV Plus.

Read our Apple TV Plus guide
logo of the W channel with a purple background
13 February 2023

What's on W Channel?

Showing a mix of BBC greats and popular programmes from abroad, W channel — formerly Watch — has a wide variety of top programming.

See what you can watch on W
two women laughing while watching TV
05 May 2021

What is IPTV?

Uswitch's guide to IPTV or Internet Protocol Television. Learn how to access IPTV with your broadband connection.

Read our guide to IPTV
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